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Spike Lee Movie Review

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This film is considered a drama in the genre. It focuses its storyline on crime directed by Spike Lee and written by David Benioff. The quick features celebrated actors including Edward Norton as the starring Monty Brogan, Philip Hoffman as Frank Elinsky, Brian Cox as James Brogan, Rosario Dawson as Naturelle and Anna Paquin as Mary D’Annunzio. 25th hour facets greatly the themes of conflict, culture, and communication.
The movie starts when Monty Brogan decides to turn himself into having to serve in prison for eight years for the crimes he committed. Two of his best buddies on a railway think that this term will forever exchange the character in Monty and that he will never be the same again after eight years in prison. Both the girlfriend and Monty’s father also bear the same thought and fear that from that fateful night, they will forever lose the person in him.

This move by Monty raises a myriad of emotions among his closest acquaintances. Conflict shows when Monty’s father feels that it is him who caused his son to go into such a life of crime, the friend Barry feels it is an opportunity for self-reflection into his life and takes it to his own. Barry feels that he ought not to have taken into a life of crime and even though, he thinks it was a miscalculation in his part trusting and letting other people into his life to know where he hid such large amounts of money and cocaine.

The prison culture makes Monty thinks he can survive in a place of muscular sociopaths who often take advantage of the skinny guys like him to sodomise them. This is unlike in his current situation where he has a beautiful and desirable girlfriend.

Monty tries to reach out to his friends in a bid to communicate and express his feelings towards them. He uses the night to settle old scores, deals in businesses he had not finished, takes a walk with his dog and entrusts it with a friend for the period he will be away and even get down partying. He goes out to have a chat with his former English teacher and his childhood friends as well spends time with the girlfriend.

August 09, 2021
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