Strategies Aimed at Improving Reading Comprehension in College

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Technological advancements might have contributed towards deteriorating of the reading cultures especially among college students quite significantly. Most of the students prefer watching films or at times listen to spoken content rather than reading. To support the argument from statistics, only around 23% of students’ population completes reading assignments. On the contrary, text books contain vital and helpful information that most of the readers need to get towards knowledge enhancements. The paper discusses some of the significant strategies that can be applied in improving comprehension among college students.

            There some possible reasons as to why most of the students despise reading textbooks. One of the reasons from a personal experience is that some students perceive text books to be quite tedious, lengthy and not very interesting as they do not comprise of most of the multi-media components. Other forms of information such as visual presentations integrate sound, text, graphics and motion pictures for visual appeal to most of the audience. Another reason might be mismanagement of study periods in terms of the time and the length one needs to study.

            There are several strategies that textbooks writers can incorporate to make textbook content captivating for reading. One of the strategies is the integration on good texts and amazing pictures for visual appeal where possible (Bolukbas 2148). From the experience from most of the comic books, the integration of pictures and good fonts for visual appeals attracts and keeps readers attentive to the book. The other remedy is the use of time management and reading approaches. A good example of the reading strategy to integrate n the case of college readers is the SMATER, which is an acronym that stand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time, Evaluate, and Revise strategies. Writers can also make use of relative examples, stories and analogies that break the monotony of nation to ensure that readers find the reading materials captivating.

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Bolukbas, F. “The Effect of Reading Strategies on Reading Comprehension in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language.” Academic Journals 8.21 (2013): 2147-2154.

August 21, 2023

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