Strategies of Proactive Policing Research Essay

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The protection and tranquility of residents in the communities are the responsibility of the police departments. La enforcers set up a number of proactive measures to stop offenses in their areas. The police may employ a community service job strategy in addition to the Smart Policing Initiative (SPI) to reduce the frequency of crimes in the areas they are responsible for guarding.

The goal of the community service employment plan will be to give marked offenders in the areas temporary employment. According to statistics, the bulk of those who commit crimes are unemployed. (Coyne, 2014). The lack of actual job or source of income makes individuals commit crimes by stealing from their neighbors and causing bodily harm to their victims. Therefore, the community service employment strategy will target the offenders who are out on parole and have not been able to obtain any form of work (Rollason, 2016). The police will engage the ex-offenders and offenders in regular community service activities such as cleaning the streets, helping in construction jobs, just to mention but a few.

The temporary employment that the offenders will be engaging in will help to keep them busy and away from criminal activities. Members of the community and the police department will jointly solicit for funds that will be used to give incentives to the participants of the community services (Sanders, Weston, & Schott, 2015). The offenders will, in turn, be able to earn money without stealing anything from their neighbors.

Unemployment is amongst the leading causes of criminal activities in many cities. When offenders get out of prison on parole, they end up committing similar offenses due to lack of a source of income. However, establishing a police system that provides temporary employment to parole offenders will be useful to keep them away from crime scenes.


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