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Stress refers to a intellectual or emotional strain as a result of adverse occasions in life. There are three main types of stress which include acute, persistent and episodic stress. Stress produces various mental and physical symptoms which vary depending on individual's situational factors. The leading reasons of stress include increased financial obligation, divorce, and job loss, a demise of a loved one, emotional problems such as low self-esteem, and traumatic match such as rape or occurrence of a natural disaster. Besides, stress results in fitness problems such as obesity, heart disease, and blood pressure. Stress is a typically bodily and psychological reaction to life's demand thus causing human beings to push beyond their capabilities to cope. Therefore, it is necessary to manage stress hence live a good and healthy life. Stress management refers to the broad spectrum of psychotherapies and techniques aimed at regulating an individual's stress level with a purpose of improving overall wellbeing (Folkman 61). Proper stress management techniques ensure appropriate management of stress in life. In a situation where a person is unable to manage their stress, psychologist consultation is necessary to provide the improvement of the situation thus enhance a happy life. This paper aims to evaluate how to manage stress, therefore, improve the overall wellbeing of a human being.

For instance, the first step in stress management is the identification of the source of stress. A person should list down the primary cause of the stress, thoughts and the mood. By so doing, an individual would be able to understand the purpose hence develop a plan to manage the incidence efficiently. If the stress is solved, a journal should be created to assist in resolving related problems in future.

Remarkably, a stressed person should seek consultation from psychologists to aid in resolving the issue. The current interview with Taiba H. Ali, a fifth-year student at UC Merced who encountered stress in his final year, shows that stress affects general well-being of a person. The student was affected regarding health, rational thinking, as well as her relations with other people, worsened. Consequently, her grade dropped drastically as a result of stress. However, the student identified the source of stress and went ahead to seek consultation from her professor as well as her friends. The advice given was helpful, and the student finally managed the stress. Her general wellbeing changed positively as well as she made a significant improvement on her studies. Therefore, maintaining stress is essential in improving the overall welfare of a person.

Similarly, a person can manage stress by replacing unhealthy strategies with the healthy ones. For instance, the stressed people tend to practice unhealthy techniques such as smoking, excessive drinking, taking drugs, sleeping too much, bingeing on junk as well as withdrawing from family and friends. Consequently, the situation becomes worse than the expected. Instead, an individual should practice healthy living standards such as eating healthy food. Indeed, a well-nourished body substantially copes with stress. One should avoid the use of drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol to relieve stress since their use only provides a temporary easy escape from stress. In fact, stress should just be dealt by a clear mind. Additionally, a stressed person should get adequate sleep thus fuel the mind and body. According to Folkman (118), feeling tired increases stress therefore cause a person to think irrationally. By so doing, the health of the stressed person improves significantly hence a happy life.

On the same note, stress can be managed by letting out of one's feelings through talking, crying or expressing anger. For instance, a problem once shared is twice solved. An individual can share their issues with close friends, family members as well as counselors thus relieving their stress. According to Folkman (64), an individual should consult a psychologist or a licensed mental professional to assist in managing stress through providing of effective and efficient methods. Additionally, a stressed person should do something that they enjoy to ensure mind relaxation and therefore relieve their stress. Some of the activities to ensure recreation include playing with friends, participating in volunteer works, listening to soothing music, as well as pursuing hobby activities. By so doing, a person will be able to quickly and efficiently manage their stress.


In summary, stress pushes an individual beyond their ability to cope thus it is necessary to manage stress through various strategies appropriately. For instance, a stressed person has to identify the cause of the stress to come up with proper techniques and strategies to manage the stress. On the same note, if the root of stress is beyond someone's capability, a psychologist should be consulted to provide solutions on how to manage the stress thus improve the well-being of a person. Also, a stressed person should maintain a balance with a healthy life through eating a proper diet and having enough sleep. By so doing, the levels of stress can be managed. Finally, one should connect with others through creating time for relaxation and fun hence assist in relieving stress (Folkman 72).

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July 24, 2021


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