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According to Roger Sipher, the underlying cause of the latest law enforcement scandal is the institution's mandatory attendance program. Many people who have little interest in law enforcement are compelled to enter through their lack of ambition or ability to do so. In this respect, Sipher proposes a solution to the problem by fully repealing compulsory attendance rules. Only students who have the ability, willingness, and passion to pursue such a degree should be considered.

Evidence shown by different scholars showed that mandatory-attendance policies did not result in an uptick in the number of children attending kindergarten, nor did they have a negative effect on public education. Based on their findings, they also discovered that due to inherent costs involved, most schools have never really enforced such laws. Repealing such laws will not have any positive impact towards the number of children who are currently attending public schools. Despite wanting their children to join high school education, parents often get disappointed as school officials fail to enforce legitimate disciplinary and education policies that are aimed at improving education system.

Sipher points out that unlike public schools, private schools rarely incur such challenges, and as a result, their performances ae not compromised. Most frequently, they dismiss or fail certain students guided by the knowledge that such students will eventually join public schools. It is worth to note that compulsory attendance forces students whose personal and academic behavior undermines institutional missions and objectives. As a result, such institutions eventually fail to reach their goals or meet their missions. Sipher notes that; “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink it” (paragraph, 6). In essence, such statement suggests that children can be forced to adhere to such compulsory laws, however, such laws cannot force them to be motivated to learn if they are not.

According to Sipher, teachers will be willing to attest that unmotivated children never attain anything of value in school and neither do they demonstrate commitment in their education journey. Most children are steered by the belief that ultimately, they will quit school or when they are almost receiving high school diploma. Despite poor performance and discipline in school, unmotivated children are eventually allowed to graduate due to these compulsory laws. This ultimately produces negative impact in the society and in the environments where they end up in the long run. For this reason, Sipher indicates that doing away with these unpractical policies will result in enormous positive effects not only to those children but also to the educational officials and the education system.

The author illustrates six positive impacts of abolishing compulsory laws in his article. The first being that the children and the community involved will have high regard towards education and school. The second positive impact is that the educational atmosphere will not be polluted by unmotivated and disinterested children. The third illustrated point is that the school will be able to provide students with grades that will add value in their lives. Most importantly, public image of public schools will be enhanced and performance will increase. The fifth point is that elementary school will help students discover whether they are willing to learn or may be interested in something else. The last positive impact provided by Sipher is that the process will be cost-effective as costs involved will be eliminated.

Sipher concludes the essay by suggesting that the current compulsory laws have failed as they attempt to target everyone, instead of placing focus on specific individuals.

November 17, 2022

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