Sustainability Business Strategy

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The primary step toward improving any business venture is the establishment of a business strategy, accompanied by an effective mission and vision. The mission is to enhance efficiency in our courier services through sustainable means while the vision of the business is to become the leading, reliable courier service provider with an eye for sustainability. The value statement of the company which entails core beliefs and priorities of the business is customer commitment, customer satisfaction, and environmental conservation. The business strategy involves service differentiation to stand out from competitors while the financial evaluation points out that product or service differentiation is likely to improve profit and make the business stand out from the competitors’. In summary, the business strategy involves a courier converting its delivery motor vehicles to electric vehicles to lower energy costs and improve on the sustainability of the business’ operations.

The vision and mission statements involve being the leading provider of efficient courier services while conserving the environment and ensuring customer satisfaction at the same time. The value statement entails working under the principle of customer satisfaction and sustainability. The analytical tools used in developing the strategy include PEST (Political, Economic, Social, and Technology) analysis which outlines opportunities and threats of the strategy, projects that may be affected beyond individual control, the country and market issues which may impact on business, and the course of business change as well as SWOT analysis which reveals the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats relating to a business strategy.

The SWOT analysis of the strategy; Strength in adapting the new system is that it will give the business a competitive advantage. Weakness is that implementing and maintaining the strategy may be costly at first. Opportunity is the potential to expand globally and establish the business globally due to increased efficiency. The main threat related to the strategy is competition from couriers already using the electrically powered delivery vehicles. To maintain the competitive advantage, it would be vital to include other benefits such as discounts on deliveries to sustain a large number of customers.

An implication of competing in international markets is gaining global business recognition which will lead to business expansion and consequently, more profits. A diversification strategy that befits my business strategy is increasing the number of electric vehicles and establishing a market across various countries so that the courier services can reach a significant number of people. Additionally, another strategy is partnering with a globally established company and giving them courier services across the regions where they are established to increase the diversification of the business.

Ethical consideration of the service differentiation and sustainability strategy is maintaining the principles of goodness by ensuring that the approach falls within the bracket of good conduct and supports a professional standard. The strategy should not pose any harm to the customers, and it should not tamper with their confidentiality or secrecy as individuals. Therefore, the approach will observe ethical standards since it is aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the environment. The planned execution of the strategy mainly involves replacing motor vehicles and electric vehicles to improve the efficiency of the courier service to customers and strive towards reducing pollution. I would use ROI (return on investments) and cost-benefit analysis as a component of the business strategy by integrating the overall cost of implementing the business strategy and comparing it to the overall long-term benefit it is likely to bring to create financial goals.

In conclusion, the sustainability business strategy aims at changing the technology in the service and also improving sustainability through replacing motor vehicles with electric vehicles as a way of increasing brand recognition, ensuring customer satisfaction, and preventing pollution caused by exhaust from motor vehicles. The strategy can be effective in business growth through its vision and mission which target customer satisfaction and environment conservation.

January 19, 2024

Business Economics

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