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Switzerland is a wealthy country. The country of Switzerland is one of many in Europe. It is situated in the western regions of Central Europe. Its neighbors are France, Austria, Italy, and Germany. One distinguishing trait of this country is that it has always acted as a neutral nation during both world wars. It is also known for its ice mountain ranges known as the Alps.

Sustainability of Natural Resources and the Environment

The physical characteristics of a place have a significant impact on its society and natural self-sustaining system. Switzerland is one of the world's richest countries due to its climate, position, topography, and natural resources.

This nation is divided mainly into three regions: The Mittelland, the Jura Mountains and the Alps. The ever popular Swiss Alps is located in the south of the region. It covers more than half of the nation. The Jura Mountains is situated to the northwest of the region. The Mittelland is the main farming area in the country. The Swiss topography adequately aids in the production of the nation's major natural resource, this being water. The Alps aids in the production of waterpower. The water that runs off from the constant rain and ice produced in the Alps gives the country its power. More than half of the nation's electricity is provided through the use of hydroelectric plants. Despite the fact that Switzerland houses the Alps the general climate of the country is described as moderate. The regions climate varies depending on the season. There is no constant excessive temperature. The altitude of the region is a critical factor in the temperature of the country.

The prime location of Switzerland has made it a critical factor as it relates to trade and politics. Primarily, Switzerland is positioned in the middle of Europe. Many of those nations that surround Switzerland are member states of the European Union-EU. Switzerland functions as an important connector between the neighboring member states. Several agreements have also been created to allow for vital trade between EU member states and Switzerland. These agreements allow the Swiss to have access to various markets and many neighboring markets to in turn access their markets. Earlier in the nation's development, Switzerland was focused on becoming a waterway nation. It was the Swiss government's intention to link Geneva to various lakes. Presently, there are only canals plus rivers that flow through the country. Basle is a port that somehow links the nation to the sea and allows commercial ships to commute.

Switzerland is a nation that is rich. It has a very wealthy financial climate. It is known all over the world for its banks. These banks usually provide some of the best rates special offers that encourage the wealthy to invest and store their money in Switzerland. However, reports are that financial climate in may be shifting slightly in Switzerland. The implementation of various policies proposed by the EU has caused changes in the Swiss banking environment. These changes in taxation and immigration rules may seriously impact upon the Swiss economy in the future.

The nation's infrastructure has always been a major aid in it accumulation of wealth. Swiss Infrastructure Industrial Disaster Protection: Despite the fact that nation is extremely mountainous; it has an excellent road system. Additionally, Switzerland has an exceptional rail network coupled with two international airports. The port of Basel proves to be a large trade point linking roads and railways. Switzerland is no stranger to industrial disaster. As a result of this a special Convention has been adopted to help prevent further accidents. The convention's purpose is to protect all natural organisms from disaster.

Socio-cultural Forces

The particular way of life of a nation may share specific qualities with another but always holds its authenticity. Language is an important part of a nation’s culture. Switzerland is a region with four major languages. Three of these Italian, French and German are said to carry the same weight as official languages. Additionally, the region has diverse religions. The most dominant religion is the Roman Catholic religion. Several Protestants and Muslims also reside in the nation. There are also a small number of Jewish individuals in the nation.

Swiss Education

Switzerland has a rich education system. It houses more than universities. Several Nobel Prize winners came from this nation chiefly the great Albert Einstein for his work in the area of physics and additionally, Vladimir Prelong, Richard Ernst and Rolf Zinkernagel to name a few. The nation has produced over 100 Nobel winners. This does say something about the nation's education system. Switzerland is also home to the biggest laboratory. The Switzerland also conducts extensive space research and owners one of the founders of the European Space Agency.

Swiss International Business

The Swiss economy is said to be more competitive than any other in the world. It has proudly stood up against the economic disaster that struck Europe. The labor force is believed to be the key in the maintenance of the country's economy. This along with a politically stable nation makes it a steady economy. Other factors such as the excellent infrastructure, healthy service sector and low taxation as also strengthened the economy. Research indicates that there was a fall in the Swiss economy during the latter part of 2016 but forecast predicts a huge increase in 2017. Many international businesses strive in this highly competitive market. They greatly benefit from the special low taxation, and strict financial rules that govern the Swiss economy.

Swiss Small Businesses

The Swiss present an extremely business conducive environment. Small Businesses tend to still survive in this highly competitive market. The government offers many incentives that are extremely beneficial to small businesses. Many grants are given to new businesses that generate jobs. These grants usually have special conditions and are only given if the jobs created by these new companies are permanent. Additionally, the Swiss government provides special federal loans to any cantons that provide new businesses start up in specific areas throughout the country. Entrepreneurs are also assisted. The government provides guarantees for individuals who may be looking to start their business.


Switzerland is positioned in a prime location in the European continent. This fact along with its excellent political strategies, outstanding infrastructure, and exceptional education system make it an economic haven. It has the most competitive economy in the world but it gives those involved a chance to survive. Its beauty, cultural diversity and the fact that it has remained neutral throughout each of the world wars has also aided in the nation's financial success. It is indeed one of the richest nations in the world.


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May 17, 2023


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