Symbolic and Omnipotent View of Management

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Management can be described as the designing, establishing, monitoring, and directing the resources of an organization in order to achieve its objectives. Organizational principles, on the other hand, are the indispensable, fundamental dynamics that create the basis of fruitful administration (Andreatta). There are two major outlooks of management; symbolic and omnipotent which shall be looked at in this essay.

              Symbolic view of management is an outlook that managers have a narrow influence on organizational aftermaths due to the great number of features outside their control. Manager’s capacity to impact on results is swayed and inhibited by external aspects. Manager’s enactments do not influence the organization’s objectives thus the organization’s reputation is not determined by the value of the administrators. Examples of this view of management include; legislative dogmas, technology, budget, opponents, and activities of preceding bosses.

              Omnipotent view of management, contrary to symbolic view, the managers are solidly liable for the accomplishment or failure of the business. Managers have unlimited control over the business and its drive, roles and processes, therefore, the reputation of the business is determined by the excellence of the administrators. An organization’s performance is therefore accounted for by the bosses and their performance inspires the organization’s aims. Examples of omnipotent view include; supervisors, coaches, group leaders, and faculties (Muhammad).

              Overall, whichever view a manager is positioned, the most important thing is that the organization attains success. Collaborating effectively with the organization’s workforce and having clear goals to work on, as well as enthusiasm, diligence, patience, and discipline will enable an organization reach its goals and become competent in the corporate world. One of the most crucial facets is the organization’s image that markets it to the world and therefore, it is the duty of the managers and all the staff to ensure the organization has a good image.

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October 30, 2023


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