Teamlogic IT Franchise Organization

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The International Franchise Organization

The International Franchise Organization or Association is a community of Franchise Organizations willing and eager to franchise a business, startup, provider, supplier, or industry to break-even into the market. A Franchisee can benefit from this opportunity by selecting a Franchise Organization with a similar goal plan and funding capacity.

Choosing TeamLogic IT

From the list of Franchise Organization offering the contractual vertical marketing system, my choice is TeamLogic IT. TeamLogic IT has an aligning similarity with my business proposal. The organization was established in 2004 but started franchising in 2005 and has franchised more than 140 units. Their primary interests include cloud services, cyber security, network installation and maintenance, data backup, mobility, etc. The best way to summarize their interest is franchising startups or companies that correlate business with technology.

TeamLogic IT - National Provider of IT Futures

TeamLogic IT is one of the national providers of IT Futures by constantly providing technological solutions with managed IT services for businesses. By focusing on B2B, the company has 140 franchise locations in 35 states. This highlights the company's vision to keep expanding the horizons of businesses beyond their imagination. When businesses think of moving forward, moving beyond their current standings, TeamLogic IT is always available to deliver.

Competitors in the Market

There are other competitors in the market such as City Wide Franchise Company, Fresh Coat, the IFG 50/50 Franchise, and the UPS Store. These competitors bring one unique aspect of the industry such as retail inventory, shipping services, professional guide and assistance, etc. These offerings may make them unique but as my business focuses on delivering the best cloud services to my clients with little or no downtime. All unique services will take my business very far but it is risky to have several franchise organizations when I can one that has partnership with all companies and still offer the same services for a lesser percentage to me.

Advantages of Choosing TeamLogic IT

With TeamLogic IT, my business will cover more grounds, be exposed to more potential clients and associates, have the best manages IT services and solutions, expand further with increased startup costs and capital and still offer a little equity percentage that will not break the bank.

Unbeatable Offerings and Services

At this moment, there is no Franchise Organization that can beat their offerings and suite of services. Their years of experience and dedication are the best proof of service.

September 18, 2023


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