The 5S System in The Kitchen

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I applied the 5S in the kitchen and it helped me to maintain an organized, high performance and cleaner workplace. We usually do shopping for groceries, fruits, and other foodstuffs on regular basis. The first step-Seiri comes after shopping and involves separation of the items based on their type and use. The second step Seiton comprise of sorting them based on freshness to determine the ones to use immediately and those to store. I put spices in different containers that are labeled to reduce confusion (JICA 10). The third step Seiso ins all about ensuring that the kitchen is organized and cleaned at all times by removing all trash and conducting thorough washing of utensils and cutlery. The fourth step Seiketsu

includes standardizing by ensuring repeated and continuous improvement of the adopted organization. The last step is Shinsuke, and it involves ensuring that the order of performing the previous steps is maintained perfectly at all time to ensure organization and cleanliness.    

How it Helped Improve My Efficiency

The organization helped me to clean the kitchen easier as items were not scattered all over like before. When things are arranged,one can quickly identify issues when they arise easily. It became easier to prepare meals and other types of food given that there was enough space and utensils were clean and arranged (JICA 44). Moreover, accounting for what is spent could now be done quickly to determine what one needs to be bought before it gets depleted.  The working space was also neat due to the proper arrangement of food in cabinets and the refrigerator. Sorting makes the process of cooking quicker as spices are labeled and other things stored in an orderly manner.     

Before/After Photos

Work Cited

JICA. "Basic concepts of 5S." JICA - 国際協力機構, jICA, Accessed 27 Mar. 2018.

October 30, 2023

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