The Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media in the Workplace

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Social media has become one of the widely used tools that is quickly being adopted in every business enterprise. In workplaces, it plays a fundamental role in the day-to-day running of a business. For instance, companies are using it to advertise and review their products, while a customer review ratings are being used to criticize products and business efficiency. A post from a company can promote or tarnish its image and consequently its reputation (Moreno, Navarro, Tench, & Zerfass, 2015). Workers are turning to social media for a range of reasons, with taking a mental break being among the common. Similarly, these platforms are providing the potential to enhance workers’ productivity by nurturing connections with other employees and resources around the world.

Advantages in Workplace

Social media can be used as a communication channel within a business. Employers can easily and quickly communicate with their staffs using a social platform such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

Coworkers are also using social media to build better relationships and interact with each other while at work. This step can helps create and share ideas and increase their engagement while at work or at home.

Companies are using social media platforms to recognize staffs’ achievements, both internally and externally, which is improving employee retention (Tiago, & Veríssimo, 2014). This recognition permits interaction within team members, which is creating team cohesiveness.

Disadvantages in Workplace

Social media can affect the productivity of employees within a business negatively. For instance, instead of performing their tasks, employees can get distracted by compulsively checking their Facebook status.

Use of social media can also damage employees’ relations. For instance, an employee can harass or send negative messages about a colleague on social media, which can obstruct their ability to work together.

Permitting the usage of social media while at work can increase an organization’s vulnerability to a breach of confidentiality. For instance, employees can post specific information on these platforms, which the company may not intend to release yet.

Impact on Socialization

Social media has created a society that is more social. For instance, it has made it possible for individuals to reach others that they do not know from different walks of life (Tiago, & Veríssimo, 2014). This has created a global society in which people from different continent can interact easily. Similarly, social media has encouraged people to share ideas and details of their lives that they might be difficult to share outside of social media. For instance, through the posting of photos, snippets, and videos of information from one’s life, one can unlock a treasure box that is impossible to forget.

Popular Network Site

Facebook tops as number one social networking site in the world with the leading number of users. Apart from its ability to connect friends and relatives, it can also be used to promote markets and sell products.

WhatsApp is a messaging platform that has been able to capture the imaginations of millions across the globe by permitting their ability to share and communicate instantly with individuals and groups.

Twitter enables its user to post tweets (short text messages) that contains a word count limit (up to 140). It is also being used to promote online shopping.

Skype is one of the most popular communication-based social networking. It is owned by Microsoft and allows communication by video call, voice call and text messaging.

Types of Digital Media

Digital media incorporate anything that is presented in video (visual) or audio (sound) format. Example include software, webpage, and websites including social media, and database, digital images, digital audios. These media can be created, modified, preserved, viewed, and distributed on digital electronic devices, which contain processor or receivers (Moreno, Navarro, Tench, & Zerfass, 2015). Examples of these devices include smartphone, computers, television, radios, and projectors among others.


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