The Application of Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory in an Automobile Plant

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There are various factors that may lead to unsafe behavior in my workplace. These include: Flawed/ Ineffective management system- There is a slight chance that this organization has failed to include some other additional workplace rules or has not updated the existing rules. Thus, the employees are not aware of the safety procedures.

Lack of skills/ knowledge - the employees may lack sufficient training and knowledge on how to carry out their jobs. Thus, they perform their duties with limited expertise and may end up causing accidents.

Disobeying the rules- it is possible that the employees intentionally break the rules. They may be aware of the safety procedures and have the required skills but deliberately choose not to follow them.

The goals of the needs analysis to be carried out is to identify the areas that the workers lack knowledge or behaviors.  It will consider the expectations of the employees from the organization, the knowledge that the employees have and concludes with determining the knowledge and skills that they should gain (performance gap). The extent of training required will depend on the resources and needs of the organization. A complete training instills more skills and knowledge in the employees. This organization can handle the training process.

The needs analysis plan.

Organization analysis- determining both long term and short term objectives of this organization then relating them to the system, structure, and staff. The data is collected from the company portfolio.

Task analysis- to develop training programs, task elements including job requirements, skills and standards required in an automobile plant will be collected by the use of questionnaires.

 Personal analysis- this is to identify the gap between a person’s current and expected abilities. This is done through direct interviews of the employees.


The Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory components will be applied in Mountaineer Bank to enhance learning among the employees. This theory constitutes three core concepts on which employee training will be based.

The first method is through observation and practice. Vicarious learning means learning from others. This is the most common learning method where someone gains knowledge and skills from observing how someone else does the work. Mountaineer Bank will assign each employee an expert who will act as a model to the employees. The employees will watch the models and imitate them when offering additional sales to the customers.

Secondly, learning will be enhanced through building self-efficacy among the employees. This is a self-confidence behavior in an employee that they have the ability to successfully perform a certain task. The company will encourage employees to set realistic goals. For example, talk to at least 5 customers a day instead of trying to talk to all the bank’s customers. This technique will influence the employees’ efforts put into additional sales once they begin seeing fruitful results. It will also encourage their persistence with which they approach new challenges when talking to customers to convince them to buy additional goods.

Lastly, the company will facilitate self-regulation skills. In this case, the employees learn upselling skills on their own even in the absence of an external influence. The management will reward the employees who successfully convince our customers to purchase additional products. In addition, the management will step back and let the employees make some decisions regarding when to talk to the customers, whom to approach and how to convince them to buy our products. The employees will learn on their own will very little coaching from their supervisors.

October 24, 2023

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