The Art of Photography Hisory

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The practice of photography began several years ago with the Greek sense of "writing with fire." Pioneers such as Edward Steichen and Alfred Stieglitz used basic resources to improve Photo Pictorialism, and this gave rise to sculpture. Since then, major developments in the world of photography have arisen as a result of advances that have had a significant effect on human lives (Albers 300). More artists are emerging today to further explore their craft by recognizing and using diverse media such as film, film, and digital art, among others. From the read trends, there is a firm belief that photography, mixed media, and digital cinematography have the capability and power to transcend human feelings.
In support of the claim, the mentioned arts could bring the intended message more clearly to the people for better understanding. Photography, mixed media and digital photography wrench reality into people’s consciousness in ways other art media lacks (Uysal 4). The current images illustrate the feeling of individuals since they are precise in their explanations. For example, people who are forced into lives of desperation or despair get recognised through some photographic works. The snaps taken in the Democratic Republic of Congo during wars went beyond the limits of human feelings to show the world the suffering people went, especially children. As a result, many humanitarian organisations and other people felt disturbed by the issue forcing them to advocate for ways to help the victims. The taken snaps touched many lives hence, making the victims receive assistance. Therefore, mixed media and digital photography are able to go beyond human feelings and make them sympathize with a situation.
The media arts have transcended human feelings by creating a fading memory of hope. It is believed that recalls diminish faster than pictures. Digital images and mixed media are memoirs that always remain for long durations as they remind people of what happened each time individuals view them. Imageries contribute actively to personal feelings:without explicit photos, messages tend to lose meaning (Blackmore). The use of digital photography and mixed media adds some symbolic forces to the meaning of words. For example, when people witness suffering in a photograph, memories of grief conjure in their minds. It shows that the application of these art technologies has improved the way people perceive information. As a result, they add more connotation to an information hence, making it easier for understanding.
New trends in the field of photography have enabled people to identify with other individuals’ situation in images. The digital recordings used in most of the social media such as television reaches many people because of clear depiction they portray. They play unique roles in triggering the network of intellect regions that underlie empathy. Images deconstruct emotional processes into simpler components for quicker analysis (Kerrigan 19). For example, during happy events, individuals in a photograph always shows some behavior of joy. For sad occasions, people frown. The two illustrations suggests that from an image, it is easier to interpret the mood of people recorded in either digital photo, mixed media, or even when drawn. Black and white snapshots used formerly illustrated some feelings but was never clear. The coloured pictures used presently can identify various human expressions. When applied to give an intent, they have succeeded in relaying the correct information that makes people have different reactions towards a situation. As a result, videos, digital photography, and mixed media among others have ushered in emotions which have gone beyond human feelings in various scenaros. If not for them, the world could have still lagged in analysing situations.
Part 2
I am a digital photographic artist who focuses mainly on the drawing of images and taking digital photographs among others. Born in the United States, I was always ambitious to be an artist one day in my life. With the growing technological advancements in many parts of the world, I chose to be in Artistic Pluralism Movement by accepting a variety of arty intents and styles. In the movement, I am involved with many artistic works which include, drawing, painting, recording videos and photojournalism.
Currently, I am employed with one of the photojournalism cooperation in the country where I draw the cartoons, record videos, and take part in field work related to the artistry specialisation. The organisation offers a substantial wage enough to sustain and enable me carry out some artistical investments. My economic status is at a middle level from my relative salary earnings and other financial assistance. Politically, I have lived in an independent country since birth, hence, peace is my slogan. The state has enjoyed internal harmony which favours my commuting job. My social life is built on the recognition of the parents as the head of the family with my two other siblings. My parents were dedicated people who always had good intents for their children. Raised around a community which worked in unity to ensure good intents for the young people, I always grew motivated. I am a postgraduate employee with a degree in Arts from an American University with full dedication to my work. Above all, I am a religious person with Christianity being my denomination. Within the creed, I always feel composed and ready to respect everyone without discrimination.
My level of success has been creating my artwork to make perfect drawings and generating quality recordings that people always admire. I am a person of integrity, generous, and humble with a heart to serve everyone. Cooperating with everybody irrespective of race and gender has been my objective ever since I was young. I work with full dedication to make a corporate succeed even if it means forcing the operations for sucess. My style of work is always to beat the deadline and ensure quality artwork whenever I am delegated to perform a task.
I was brought up in a humble dwelling full of daily struggles in meeting adequate basic needs. Being just a kid, I always prayed to alleviate my family from such a life. I dreamt severally of becoming one of the best artists in the world. The problem was that my parents never wanted me to become an artist. Every time I made progress in artistry, I would meet opposition from them. I worked hard at school to ensure my dreams could become a reality.
When I enrolled in my Arts High School, at first, they refused to pay the fees unless I could change my ambition and do something they wanted. Life became tough in pursuing my career, but I managed to continue through perseverence. A day came when I was to be awarded an honorary degree, and it became the proudest day of my life. I was all smiles to imagine how my struggles turned to success. I always aspire to be like Jackson Pollock whowas an influential artist in the field of the canvas by making paintings which challenged the western tradition of using brush and easel (“Jackson Pollock”). Remembering how my parents threatened my ambitions drives me to produce most excellent work of art. It gives me the motivation that one must always believe in their dreams and work hard towards them for accomplishments. Therefore, when doing artwork, I still hope in improvements making me ambitious to do great artistical job.

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