the Article, Introduction to Film, Trauma and the Holocaust

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The Holocaust and the Film

The author provides an explanation of the infamous Holocaust that took place in Germany under Adolf Hitler's rule in the article Introduction to Film, Trauma, and the Holocaust (Novick 13-14). An overview of the film's production is given in the article. Reinhard Wiener had to take extreme precautions when filming the picture because the circumstances at the time were dreadful and awful. As he recalls, he made the decision to go and see the situation on his own after learning that there was a big massacre going on. Some of the scenes he photographed there were later seized by German military authorities. Luckily, after the confiscation, he managed to get the film back (Novick 2).

The Film Documentation

As revealed from the article, the film on Holocaust is of its kind. First, the film documentation of happened under the very constrained situation. During the filming, Wiener had to flee to the neighbourhood so as to escape the wrath of Germany militants. Secondly - publication of the film and the attempts to share it with different individuals. Lastly, the film has several versions such as documentaries, biographies, cinemas, comedies horror movies, historical accounts amongst others. Essentially, this is due to the primacy of the film in giving a record off what transpired during the Holocaust (Novick 3).

Scenes in the Film

In the film, several scenes are linked to the Article. In my analysis, I will consider three scenes. First, Wiener film captures the site where mass murdering has taken place. In the site, more than ten million people had been killed during the Nazi regime. The site is a depiction of the trauma in Wiener's life as well as that of his mother. The friends who get a look at the film also experience the same trauma. In the second scene, bodies are carried away after the guns fell silent by Allied-Nazi Officers. The number of bodies is uncountable as the corpses are spread in the entire land. The bodies are later on loaded onto trucks for transportation to various destinations. There is a reflection of the scene in the article when the author explains about the appearance of photographic evidence showing the images of genocide and the trauma occasioned (Novick 18).

The last scene is when the good-hearted soldiers take the initiative of attending to the survivors of the tragedy. The soldier is depicted spraying Deodorant Sprays to the hand of a woman who is in anguish pain. The woman alongside others who were liberated is taken to liberation camp and stays there for five years when the situation calms down. The article recounts on this when the author recognizes of the fact that not all films occasion posttraumatic experiences. Ideally, some films detailing this holocaust encounter are to counteract the historical events (Novick 25).


In conclusion, the article draws and presents an analysis on the trauma experienced after the holocaust tragedy in Germany. The article correlates with the experiences of various individuals who witnessed the devastating and brutal murder of Jews in 1945. The different scenes of the film help in linking the article with the real experience as played out in the film. Mostly, the article has presented in the best way the actual incidence as painted out in the Holocaust film.

Works Cited

Novick, Peter. The Holocaust in American life. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2000.

April 06, 2023

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