The Audience and Class Privilege

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The area of audience and class privilege

The area of audience and class privilege determines the state of those in society. Individuals' perceptions of isolation give rise to the concept of elite structures. By eliminating themselves, the rest seem to be elite. People are involved in perpetuating privilege structures by fetishizing the upper class, attitudes, and class markers, thanks to the availability of social networking. The essay concludes with an analogy from a reality TV show in relation to Bourdieu, Reiss, and Leistyna, who explains how class privilege is created and maintained.

People and their guiding powers

People, according to Reiss, have guiding powers that motivate them to take action. Status is the driving force behind those individuals. To satisfy this claim Reiss used a 16 basic motive with standardized instruments to collect information. To fill the gap, the outcome showed that by watching reality television, for instance, shows depicts a certain feeling of being above average trait motivation. As a result, they view themselves as important and thus of a certain class. In his work, Reiss associated sensitivity theory to playing a role that expresses how class privilege is produced and sustained. According to Reiss states that people use some stimuli relevant to their need for satisfaction of basic motives and ignores stimuli that are of irrelevance to their inner motive. In relation to the stimuli 'reality T.V' it forms part of the basic motivation that majorly influences some groups of people to pay attention to end motivation, elemental motivation, and to universal motivation, as part of the argument, Reiss raised as the cause of class privilege.

The struggle settled by the audience

In relation to the audience, Bourdieu exposed the struggle settled by the audience. It is a controversial idea to comprehend but according to him, audience and class privilege is beyond the exclusion of the majority of people. There exists a need to understand the power relationship that different news media has in place. There exists a different relationship between media houses. To understand this we have to understand beyond what happens in the studio Reiss and the competition inside the field of journalism. To understand why people continually see same debates aired by same journalists, we take the position of various Medias that these journalists represent and their position. With the understanding of all these experiences, we are presented with ethical precepts that enable us to translate the structure that people have as they occupy the particular position in this space. The audience rating does well in describing the audiences in reference to social classes in the society than doing an exclusion of some individuals.

Existence of elite groups

According to Leistyna, elite groups exists. The finding of the elite groups results from a major role that television and film play. In the statement, many students in the University of Massachusetts Boston that had a larger group of working class but work alone does not bring about the elite groups. Though some elite groups exist from slavery and indentured servitude. Additionally, some cultural advancement plays part in bringing people to a specific class in life. The cultural describes test, as well as education and lifestyle to lead to people falling into the certain class in life. Similarly, political issues result to a social class. The power that individuals possess sometimes turn to control social order. Alternatively, wealth is a determining factor that describes the existence of elite groups in the society. The fact that people forms elite groups depend upon certain stimuli, alternatively, economic well-being teams into the field to complete the perception. Finally, cultural standards form part of the channel to a conclusion that reality television show is complicit in sustaining privilege systems.

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