The Bhagarad- Gita poem

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The Bhagavad- Gita poem is one of those poems that entices and makes the reader skeptical to continue reading to find out more detail. Arjuna, Krishna, and Sanjaya are the main characters in the story. Krishna is the immortal God, though Sanjaya is the primary narrator in the poem. Arjuna is torn between battling his family, colleagues, and people he knows in order to achieve peace. Despite the fact that justice has been refused, he claims it is unethical to combat his family, close friends, and teachers. On the other side, Krishna urges Arjuna to take steps and seek revenge. In this critical analysis, essay we are going to analyze Arjuna actions, dilemma, and the advice offered by Krishna. I will also provide my view of the subject matter, especially Arjuna dilemma and Krishna advice.


Arjuna’s clan is denied its inheritance right as required by the law. In spite, entitlement to the inheritance, the kinsmen deny Arjuna’s clan their inheritance. Due to lack of any other way to reclaim their inheritance and rights, they result to going for war. Arjuna being the warrior leads his clan to fight for their inheritance. However, when Arjuna goes to the battle field and sees his friends, relatives, companions and teachers he is compassionate and cannot bring himself to fight, (1.27). Arjuna is longer interested in victory or kinship engagement, (1.32). However, he is dismayed by his relatives and close friends desire to shed blood and for their greedy intentions, (1.38).

Arjuna seeks the advice of Krishna on what to do, especially when the fight involves his friends and loved ones. Krishna tells Arjuna there is no need to give justice to those who do not deserve it nor mourn those that do need mourning, (3.11). Krishna goes ahead to tell Arjuna that death is inevitable, since one has to undergo it eventually. Krishna states further that he should not mourn inevitable consequences, (2.27). In (3.8), Arjuna is advised to take action and not to fear the consequences of his actions.

Critical Analysis

The poem seeks to find justice and actions to be undertaken when justice is denied. First, Arjuna lacks proper reason not to engage in a fight with his friends and kin’s, especially when justice has not be served. The relatives and friends are greedy people, who have grossly violated Arjuna’s clan rights and the law of inheritance. A warrior is required to take action when it is required and there is nothing like a righteousness in war. Arjuna is entitled to ensure justice is served and the relatives hear the cry of his people.

Krishna advice and response shows a God of justice and believes in the rule of the law. He is a God who does not tolerate injustice and immorality. His advice to Arjuna is to go ahead and take action to seek justice, in regardless he will have to fight his blood relatives and friends. Krishna goes ahead to advice Arjuna to destroy and kill to find justice, (3.41). Arjuna who is surprised by the response is confused, but Krishna explains about the immortal being, (11.8). Krishna shows support to Arjuna in his actions, by supporting Arjuna war motive. Am, however, surprised by Krishna advice and response, since he gives Arjuna the right to take others life to find justice.


The critical analysis of the poem has clearly shown how Arjuna struggle to take action and the dilemma involved. However, Krishna offers him help and guidance on what to do. Krishna advocates for justice and actions to be taken when it is required. Krishna goes ahead to reveal his immortal being to Arjuna as a sign of trust and confidence in him in regardless of his actions. In conclusion, Arjuna is justified to take action and seek justice.

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Work cited

Introduction to the “Bhagavad Gita”. (p.1283- 1301 Vol. A).

September 01, 2021

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