The Century Quilt by Mary Waniek

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The Century Quilt by Mary Waniek illustrates the meaning of family bonds through a beautiful narrative. This book employs literary devices, symbolism, and vivid imagery to capture the reader's attention and portray the author's hopeful attitude. The author's optimism can be seen in the way she depicts Meema's quilt, which is a perfect example of an enduring family heirloom. Although Waniek may have had a difficult childhood, she continues to use her inherited family quilt as a symbol of hope for the future.

The "Century Quilt" lacks fixed meter and rhythm, which means that it was probably written with a more casual feel in order to appeal to an audience. This may have contributed to its success, as many works of poetry have beautiful metaphors and lyrical qualities. Yet the simple verses and uncomplicated language of "The Century Quilt" may have contributed to its appeal, as it reads more like a narrative than a sonnet.

In "The Century Quilt," Meema's Native American roots can be seen as an inspiration for the book's theme of family and heritage. Despite the fact that the story takes place in a white family, Meema's yellow sisters were often ignored by their white family members. In "The Century Quilt," the author uses racial symbolism and nuances to convey the message of a diverse family.

Throughout the book, the importance of heritage is clearly stated in the poem. Using time shifts and increasingly sophisticated color imagery, Waniek's words create a reminiscent and hopeful tone. This reminiscent tone, as well as the richness of the poet's imagery, help the reader understand the importance of the piece of art. She isn't just a poet who makes a good-quality poem, but she has a strong literary sense and a keen ear for literary composition.

The author's attempt to analyze the complex meanings of Waniek's quilt reveals a limited understanding of the work's literary elements. While recognizing the importance of family, the author doesn't address the quilt's relationship with history or the struggle of its makers. This analysis lacks depth and is ultimately superficial. The book is best enjoyed in its first half, when readers focus on the story as a whole.

June 07, 2022


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