The Concept of Integrity

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There are several moral concepts and factors on which the human society is built; thus, Integrity one of the most priced moral concept in the society. The idea of integrity can also be referred to as an ethical value which is highly regarded and celebrated in both professional and secular endeavors. By definition, integrity can be seen to as a quality possessed by an individual which makes them exhibit an increased level of honesty, uprightness, and addresses to moral values, (McConnell 2015).

            Integrity is also known as the personal decision which helps humans to act in accordance to laid down standards, rules and regulations. It is important to note that the concept of integrity is viewed and interpreted differentially by diverse people. However, a significant proportion of the human society would agree that it has to do with a firmness of character, adherence to the principles of accuracy and truthfulness. There is need to note also that the term integrity stands as the direct opposite of hypocrisy

 As mention earlier, most people may look at the concept of integrity based on a number of factors peculiar to them. However, personally, it is important to mention at this juncture that I am in support of the above definitions of the concept of integrity. Integrity for me has to do with being truthful, adherence to the values of the society. I would also consider it to include the concepts of honesty, uprightness, and actions in concurrent with societal ethics. Conclusively, my general notion of the idea of integrity is the ability to act right at all times not necessarily because of the fear of punishment or based on rewards and incentives for good character.


McConnell, C. R. (2015). The effective health care supervisor (8th Ed.).Burlington, MA Jones & BartlettL.

October 24, 2023

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