The Creature's Demise

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Walker Percy uses his article, The Loss of the Creature, to articulate his peculiar perception of the future. The essay explores the concept of losing control to the point that one can no longer affect one's own life or the choices that society makes. Walker investigates the effect of prepackaged knowledge and concepts. He states that such a mentality that attempts to establish the symbolic understanding of the human mind causes prepackaged facts and thoughts to neglect their true nature.

Percy's Examples of Losing Experience

Throughout the article, Percy backs up his point with various examples. Individuals, according to Percy, risk experience when attempting to gain additional experience. Percy opines that it is only through true experience and knowledge that the much-needed understanding can be achieved. He further recommends that through the elimination of social biases and prejudices people can have a genuine experience of different things. However, such social biases and prejudices can only be achieved through assuming every person. The essay also touches on sovereignty, noting that it can be lost within symbolic complex and discussion.

Percy's Rally for Thesis Support

Percy rallies support for his thesis through a focus on how society loses sovereignty, indicating that people design situations which help them to synthesize the symbolic complexes. Observation of norms such as rituals adds up to something which Percy refers to as "pure and divine." To get to certain achievements, people end up bringing friends who are significantly affirmative of their aspirations. To explain his point further, Percy gives an example of couples stating that "they spend a lot of time together and understand the authenticity of their experiences." According to the supporting ideas and examples, Percy's arguments subject to his thesis are valid.

November 03, 2022

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