The Discipline of Writing Well

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Writing deliberately and succinctly to express yourself is an effective technique for providing truthful information to readers. An analysis of how people interact reveals that certain people do not use the methods listed above to communicate their thoughts. According to Chesterton, it is important to be modest when discussing matters about the health of society members (1). A meek blogger, in particular, has the ability to educate readers about the things that are important for the betterment of their lives. Besides, Chesterton states that a modest author can address the concerns of the readers without assuming anything and satisfy the latter's expectation (2).

Chesterton also argues that the expression ofChesterton also argues that the expression of oneself requires that one appropriately structures an essay such that it becomes effective for a reader to obtain the intended piece of information (2). For instance, an individual needs to carefully choose the words that one uses to assist in the elimination of confusions that the readers can develop in the course of reading a given document. Finally, it is essential that an author composes a text that elicits the users' interests in continuing to learn more about a given topic (Chesterton 3). For instance, the document that an author composes need to entertain the readers, and draw the attention of the public to the particular article. However, the authors are required to provide the users with a reading that allows one to analyze the issue under discussion deeply. To conclude, it is necessary that one writes a paper that educates the public and offers adequate information concerning a given topic. In addition, the humility that a writer exudes helps to ensure that an article draws the attention of the readers.

Work Cited

Chesterton, G. K. A Defense of Humility. Print, 1901.

November 03, 2022

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