The Energyshot Advertisement Campaign

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Great advertisement campaigns popularize a brand among the targeted audience. In this case, the Energyshot advertisement campaign is likely to attract the attention of many people in the targeted nations. The campaign’s message on how the energy from the drink lasts in people’s bodies for a whole day will definitely make the targeted audience anxious to use the drink. In this regard, it is indisputable that the advertisement will attract a large number of customers. Notably, the airing of the advertisement on televisions and in different languages will enable the message to reach a high number of the targeted audience considering the fact that most people have access to televisions. Moreover, the drink’s relatively lower price in comparison to food and milk is likely to offer a better option to individuals in the targeted market. Therefore, the advertisement campaign is going to popularize the Energyshot in the lesser developed countries.

            As demonstrated by its message, the campaign will be associated with various ethical ramifications, especially the negative consequences of the message. The advertisement is likely to make a lot of people to prefer the drink instead of food. This is going to affect the health status of individuals in these countries negatively. The trend will highly cost the company, particularly in the long run, as there is a likelihood of it being banned in the respective countries.

            As a marketing manager for the energy drink, I would make various adjustments in the campaign before launching it. For instance, I would encourage people to eat well before taking the drink to maintain their fitness by adding a short message within the campaign on the same. This will see the company being socially responsible in those less developed nations.

September 18, 2023



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