The existence of God

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The presence of God or other religions has long been a point of contention between atheists and scientists. Atheism is an irreligious belief that there is no divine or unnatural force. They use natural phenomena and empirical theories to debunk suspected unexplained events. The emergence and survival of atheism were focused on contradictory revelations from theological narratives (Christina par 5). The problem of badly connected with those who believe in a righteous Deity, as well as the absence of falsifiable proof to support God's reality, serve as the cornerstone of atheists' critique. This paper is a critical response to Greta Christina's post about why she does not believe in Heaven. In an excerpt from her book, Christina discusses ten reasons why she does not believe in the existence of God. Her explanations are based on empirical evidences that have disputed existence of God based on proof. Christina bases her argument on comparison between proven scientific occurrence and allegedly supernatural interventions. I support Christina_x0092_s notion on the continued replacement of supernatural explanations with natural ones. Geological formation and the study of evolution have brought a more believable explanation of phenomena that were considered supernatural. I agree with Christina when she states that religion is a dogma coerced on people due to the lack of an alternative belief. Christina over-relies on scientific proof to discredit God_x0092_s action is not enough prove to deny His existence. The fact that believers have not proven God_x0092_s actions does not mean that He does not exist (Adamson par 20). Greta has not offered any scientific evidence as her ten reasons are based on general knowledge that does not necessarily show inexistence of God (Ray par 6). Christina concludes her article by admitting that it is up to believers to prove existence of God in a manner that will convince the atheist or other religions.

Christina is driven by the need to prove the validity of the question _x0093_does God exist?_x0094_ Enquiring the existence of God or other supernatural being is usually a discouraged question that indicates lack of faith. Christina proves the validity of this question by giving reasons as to why she thinks God does not exist. Religious beliefs that have no physical or scientific prove prompts her to expound on this topic by offering her opinion. Christina_x0092_s audience is mainly fellow atheists who show the validity of their stand and it also targets believers to question their beliefs. This article aims at validating atheist beliefs and challenging believers to prove existence of God.


In her excerpt, Christina uses her experience as an atheist to show solidarity to other atheist. She is more knowledgeable and has credible facts that try to prove inexistence of God. Judging from the ten reasons in the excerpt, Christina is a more informed atheist and hence her argument is more credible


Christiana uses facts from science and past research to show how supernatural phenomena in the world are being replaced with natural explanations. One of the examples Christina uses is the rising of the sun where people believed it is a supernatural deed. But after research it was prove to be a natural phenomenon of earth_x0092_s revolution. Christina uses various logical explanations to explain inexistence of God such as increased diminishment of God.


Christina_x0092_s aim in this article is to show solidarity to the atheist by confirming she too does not believe in God. On the last paragraph of this article, Christina indicates that she will continue to be an atheist until believers confirm existence of God with real evidences. Her emotional explanation of the ten points show that she uses pathos to convince her audience


Questioning the existence of God is valid and believers should not avoid it. Christina has given ten reasons to nullify some past misconceptions that indicated existence of God. She has also indicated scientific prove for some of the phenomenon God was credited with before. The excerpt is a good challenge for believers to prove the existence of God, but I find Christina biased when she uses God as an example to discredit existence of other deities.


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October 13, 2022


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