The Existence of God

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God is known to be a supreme being which is assumed to be controlling the universe and it is believed to dominate human beings and it’s used as a worship object. Those arguments that supports of and against the existence of God were basically proposed by a group of scientists, theologians and philosophers which were majorly based on theory of knowledge and human nature (Ontology).The beliefs of religion that God exists is way off the emotional human needs since there is no evidence which can be relied on regarding God’s existence.

Thesis:. Although some of the religions haver tried to prove that God exists. The evidence provided by religion does not give enough proof of its existence hence the argument on atheism cannot be disputed.

Most of natural events are argued scientifically hence it’s no act of god. While looking at the physical world science uses empirical methods to look into various evidences while those miracles which are claimed to have happened in the Bible do not have a bigger claim in the real world. Super natural powers are believed to be non-existent since most events happening around us are experienced on personal levels the supernatural powers that are believed to be presented by god are not real since  there are hardly seen happening in the present world. There is no value of truth regarding transcendent and religious experiences since the statements lack clarity of criteria used for verification.

God is believed to be omniscient which means that he knows everything. If god is believed to have the knowledge about everything happening in the present and the future then it means that humans free will to decide on what they want is limited since god has already determined everything however it is said that god gives humans free will which tends to contradict the existence of free will. People must deny that god chooses everything them and also if God knew everything he would have prevented events of terrorism or even accidents which tends to harm human life. Therefore god cannot be omniscient because he cannot know how to make something not known to him. The concept of god being omnipotent is not logical because if the universe initially existed then we don’t need Gods presence. The Bible quotes that with God nothing is impossible and there instances in the Bible where the same god was not able to do anything. God is neither omnipresent nor omnipotent because he literally does not exist.

The assumption that God created everything that exists is totally irrelevant since the universe needed not to be created because initially it was and will always be there. The universe can be defined on its own without basing on theories of how the earth was created or destruction, that whole idea of universe creation or destruction is a complete fallacy of logic. The universe cannot be created because there is no physical evidence of its creation.

Evil existence is irrelevant in a world that God is believed to exist in since god is known to be all powerful and can be able to control occurrence of events. The fact that evil can be man created of natural happening then god would not have created human beings whom he knew would bring with them evil to the world and cause suffering of fellow human beings or better still improving their behaviors before they cause suffering to others. This is in contrast of the Holy Bible which states that man shall not steal, murder and should not commit adultery. God is then not all powerful since he created the universe and cannot control whatever is happening in it and he would have also relieved man from the original sin but instead he decided that man should suffer for his sins or he would stopped the occurrence of sin in the first place.

The theory of evolution which was according to Charles Darwin relevant in a world where God does not exist since most species which existed before are extinct on the other hand natural selection determines who survives and those who do not survive which is entirely useless.The fact that human beings have come up with better ideas and ways of handling issues and has also improved the understanding of how nature came to be this has contributed to the inability of religion to improve overtime. People tend to dwell much on what they know rather than what they believe in hence they do not need Gods intervention to understand things around them and religion in the society becomes complacent and it slowly diminishes.


In a nutshell, there is enough evidence that there is no god and that his existence in a realistic world is totally irrelevant. The understanding of the universe has been greatly improved by humans which tends to prove wrong the existence of God. It is impossible logically to be all powerful and all-knowing simultaneously.

November 13, 2023


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