The filming day of wrath

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The Witch Hunts

The topic of Wrath's filming day is the 17th-century witch hunts. In Denmark, is frequently viewed as a parable of German inventiveness. Anne is a character in the movie; she is married to an elderly preacher in their neighborhood as his second wife. She was also being accused of being a witch, as we can see, but the pastor spared her by promising that they would wed. Additionally, Anne learns that her mother experienced the same, was falsely accused of being a witch, and was redeemed by the same preacher in exchange for marriage. Anne apologizes to her husband for having fallen in love with her stepson, the pastor (her husband) collapsed, and upon recovering from the shock, they denounced Ann as a witch and burnt her to death.

The Concept of Justice

The scenes of burning and killing people are unbearable although it was believed that it was a way of punishing the victim sin accordance to the sins committed. They argued it was defined justice for them. Dreyer, the author of the film, was not supporting or against the Protestants. However, he criticized them for their actions. He refers it to a night of the souls through the physical world meaning that when the final day of one arrives, no way can he/she avoid it.

Personal Opinions

As for me, I don't agree with what these new believers were doing. Punishing people for their wrong doings is not the work of the Christians. God said that at the end He would judge individuals in accordance to their sins and the guilty convicted people will be thrown into the hell of fire where they will burn for eternity. The idea of these Protestants of burning wrongdoers is not right. God warns us about judging others. I think that the day of wrath should only be left to God, to decide our take at the end of our lives.


Bordwell pp. 117-143: “Day of Wrath”!!

April 06, 2023


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