The Humanistic Psychology

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Humanistic Psychology

Humanistic psychology is a method that emphasizes human experience as a predictor of behavior. To explain the interrelationships, the perspective employs a comprehensive technique rather than just its components (Rogers, & Maslow, 2008).

Carl Rogers, the creator of this viewpoint, identified flaws in Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis. Contrary to Freud, he believes that there are many internal and environmental causes that drive conduct rather than libido (Aithusser, Corpet & Matheron, 2013).

Animal experiments were used by B.F. Skinner and Ivan Pavlov to draw conclusions about human behavior. According to Carl Rogers, this is a failure since they did not focus on the emotional aspects.

The humanistic approach is a significant field of psychology with its position best fitted in psychotherapy according to my analysis. Client-centered theory explores the understanding and explanation of a person's inner feelings that leads to his/her behavior. Carl Rogers say that it’s much easier to find solutions on one problem than many at a time through focus (Rogers & Maslow, 2008). During counseling, therapist often utilize the empathy, genuineness, and congruence. These modalities that are prescribed by Carl Roger, the founder of humanistic Psychology.

Credibility Observation

Carl Rodgers has made a significant contribution in the field of psychology when he was able to analyze all the past theories on human behaviors and their significance in psychotherapy. I attribute him as the father of humanistic psychology and a significant figure in psychotherapy.

Perception of Humanistic Psychology

Humanistic psychology is perceived as a therapeutic aspect of psychology. This is attributed from the fact that it analyzes human behavior and past experiences to explain the current feelings (Moore, 2011). It goes further to explore how an individual can focus on the causes of emotional upset in order to avoid depressive and emotion related conditions.


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