The Impact of Cross-Brand Halo

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Thinking about the history of public relations, the development that I think was the most significant was the TV. The key reason why I believe that the TV was the most significant development is that it was easily accessible to almost every household which means that in case an advertisement is put up, it stands to reach a huge audience within a very short time (Dozier, 1992). Furthermore, through the TV it is possible for the audience to watch the advertisement over and over again given that TVs air the ads more frequently. Also, it is more convenient and easier to listen to the individual promoting the product that is reading an advertisement in a newspaper or a magazine.

Of all the articles found in WARC website, I think that the most applicable an articles titled ‘Microsoft tracks ‘cross-brand halo’ of ads. As a tech giant, Microsoft had made key steps in cross-brand halo which entails tracking how a campaign for a particular brand affect the other products in the same portfolio (World Advertisement Research Center, 2018). The rationale behind my choice is due to the fact that Microsoft is already an expert in determining how individual campaigns such as the Windows operating system, Surface computers and Office 365 pay back for the brand.

Microsoft realized that its core properties are not in isolation as there are a lot of in-market synergies coming with the portfolio. The information came in handy in communicating effectively with professionals as I realized the synergies and benefits that comes with market synergies especially when targeting core consumers (World Advertisement Research Center, 2018). Analyzing audience spill between business-to-business and consumer-focused advertising is key in determining which campaign deliver the biggest incremental height.


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World Advertisement Research Center. (2018). Microsoft tracks ‘cross-brand halo’ of ads. WARC. Retrieved from

January 19, 2024



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