The Importance of Google Analytics in Marketing

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Google analytics contains multiple sections as dashboards, real-time, acquisition, audience intelligence events, behaviour conversions and shortcuts. Each of the sections includes subsections that are filled with data. The data comprises of dimensions such as browsers used to access the site, duration of sessions and exit pages. From the dimensions section, metrics such as average duration on the screen can be established. Bounce rates are the percentage rates of single-page visits; they describe scenarios where site visitors leave on the same page without navigating the entire website. That said, sessions are periods that users engage actively with the website.

Marketers can utilise the data that is available in Google Analytics to understand their audience, the strength of their marketing approaches. Users such as Brands, bloggers and enterprises use Google analytics to uncover information about the website activities such as new and returning visitors and durations spent on each section. When leveraged appropriately, google analytics offer insight about how visitors get into the website and the pages they spend most of the time. Such information about website dynamics such as changes in traffic which can be critical to making critical marketing decisions.

 The analytics sections that are most relevant to marketers are the audience, behaviours and acquisitions. In the part of the audience, the marketers learn about the visitors of the website. Their attributes such as age, gender and location are recorded. From the sections, the interests and browsers they use to access the website can be understood. That said, the part of acquisition offers detailed data about ways in which visitors arrive at the site; whether search engines, social media and blogs. Thirdly, the behaviour section illustrates how people interact with the site, and gives insight about the most popular pages on the website. When the information from the three parts is used jointly, decision-making about the marketing efforts that drive website traffic becomes easy. Marketing decisions such as type, tone and content to place in each section of the website.

August 04, 2023




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