The Importance of Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management

Human resource management is one of the most important tasks of management that keeps an organization on track (Guest, 2003). Labor is an important factor of production that ensures that all other factors of production are coordinated and acted upon to produce goods and services. With reference to this statement, an organization recruits more workforce for various reasons depending on the plan of the organization.

Recruiting Process

An organization can have the plan to employ a defined number of employees in a given production line. Recruiting involves any activity or practice carried out in an organization with the main aim of selecting and maintaining potential employees (Guest, 2003). Recruitment basically aims at attracting qualified employees and deciding which candidate is best suitable for the position. The interview is a popular means used by employers to gather information about the candidates and identify the best candidate among the interviewees in this paper I will describe what I believe to be the best interview moment in a job recruitment and one of the worst experience in an interview.

Worst Interview Experience

I applied for a job in an international textile company that had advertised for a sales manager position. The organization required an external source of labor because they were in need of fresh ideas in the marketing field. I felt that I was up to the task considering my qualifications. I was shortlisted to attend interviews by the organization where it was advised to carry with me all my testimonials.

During the interview, I noticed that the interviewer’s behavior was wearied because I was a direct applicant. The recruiter started asking me questions that seemed too personal and they were not directly related to the job advertised in the newspaper. My answers led the interviewer to the next question which was contradicting to me. This interview was a nondirective interview because it was not structured according to the job requirements. Some of the questions the interviewer asked me were provocative questions that seemed irrelevant to the job position I had applied for. It was not easy to answer the questions and I could not sufficiently answer the questions. The interview turned out to be the worst moment of the interview in my career.

Best Interview Experience

My best experience in an interview was in an automotive company that had advertised for the position of sales manager. In this case, I was a referral applicant by a relative. The interviewer was welcoming and showed a great understanding of sales and marketing because of the way he asked questions. All the questions asked in the interview were related to the job position that was advertised by the automotive company. The questions that the interviewer asked covered relevant skills knowledge and experience in international sales and marketing. The interviewer did not ask any question that I could not expect. I answered all questions with ease and I enjoyed portraying my understanding of international sales and marketing. Clearly, this was a structured interview that was well designed to gather relevant information about competitive international sales and marketing manager.


Recruiting involves all activities aimed at gathering relevant information of a candidate. An organization depends on human resource for important production process thrive and therefore the recruitment must identify competitive candidates. A structured interview is the most reliable interviewing technique compared to nondirective technique. The results of a structured interview are more reliable compared to a nondirective interview.


Guest, D. E., Michie, J., Conway, N., & Sheehan, M. (2003). Human resource management and corporate performance in the UK. British journal of industrial relations, 41(2), 291-314.

October 24, 2023

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