The Importance of Marketing and Public Relations in Business

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Marketing and Public Relations

Marketing activities and public relations are an important aspect of any company as they define the relationship between a company and its customers. The main difference between marketing and public relations is that marketing is aimed at achieving maximum direct revenues. On the other hand, public relations aim at selling the brand or company through positive management of communication between the organization and all the stakeholders (Gregory, 2016). Another difference is that public relations is reactive in nature while marketing is proactive in nature. When a company's brand reputation is tinted, public relations is used to save face and salvage the reputation. It is used to restore the public's faith in the company and its brands.

Importance of Public Relations

Moreover, public relations is broad in nature as it complements other activities in an organization. Therefore, it plays a vital role in the success of sales, marketing, and other activities both external and internal. Public relations determine the position of the company in the community and whether members of a community love the company or not (Gregory, 2016). If the company does not have good relations with the community, it affects the productivity of the company and also the sales of various brands are affected. Therefore, marketing cannot be successful without good public relations.

Administrative Skills

The skills required of an administrator are different from those required for marketing and public relations. Being an administrator does not involve directly interacting with clients and customers. Thus, human management skills and proper communication are not vital for administrators. Being an administrator requires one to be good at multitasking and operations management. This is different from what is expected of marketers and PR officers. These people must be excellent in creating and maintaining human relationships both internally and with other stakeholders.


Gregory, A. (2016). Public relations and management. The public relations handbook

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September 18, 2023


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