The Importance of PESTEL Analysis

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PESTEL analysis is an instrument or a tool that is used by those doing the marketing in analyzing and monitoring the external environmental management. It includes the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental analysis. The sports and outdoor equipment retailers industry deals with the selling of products that are directed towards outdoor activities which may consist of clothing and perhaps other equipment’s that may not necessarily be indoor items. The sporting activities in the UK have taken roots where there is a lot of competition and prolonged growth in the managerial policies. Besides, it's a strong sector all together. The leadership on the management of the sportswear industry has focused itself on the creation of cloth lines and the sports codes and dressing types of equipment.

Due to the expansion that has taken its course, recently the competition among the subsectors has improved. This may be due to the widening of the supermarkets for economic purposes. The supporting goods, for instance, the supply has increased making social and environmental analysis be on toes. Therefore due to the increment in competition then there are a lot of strategies and procedures that are put in place to maintain its position. As more consumers tend to look for more quality products to purchase then it’s the role of the industry and the manufacturers to invent so many ways where they can satisfy the needs of the customers in the shortest way possible as well. The manufacturers, in this case, tend to reduce their costs and maximizing their profits where they would expand the marketing sites and produce. Innovation is the key area whereby the management needs to have innovative ideas so as to aid the companies to differentiate the products they have produced and others. With this, they get competition with the nearest sectors.

PESTEL Analysis.


Basing on the political aspect of each country, In this case, the UK it has advocated and fostered the importance of sporting activities. This can be done through setting up sporting days with this people tend to engage themselves in sporting activities in order to keep fit and avoid obesity for such cases. Moreover, in recent years, people tend to have allocated enough time for sporting and leisure activities. In as much as the government has relied on sporting activities as a way of keeping fit, still, it requires lots of work and actually, the expenses set aside for the sporting activities is still at a low rate unlike in other industries. Politically the power entrants on the sports sector are still weak to moderate.

Some of the competitive barriers become the economic and technological aspect that has taken the larger part of the time and the resources.


When there is low economic value especially in a case whereby there are low-income earners where they are to attend to so many different things. This makes the sporting activities less significant and more efforts are subjected to other things. For the high-income earners where the income profile is a bit high then for them, they spare some money for the sporting activities. This helps them keep fit. At the critical times, it appears to be so slow and hard to spend more time on the sporting activities. Moreover, the increase in the purchasing powers of the sporting equipment’s the lesser the sporting activities. Individuals are likely to divert their minds when things get expensive for them.


This is the social aspects of the sporting activities whereby they bring about the interaction with one another. The leisure and sporting activity in the developing countries, in this case, the UK is rising due to the rise in free time which therefore elevates individual savings. Besides the usual sporting activities that are believed to be a men thing, women are now doing the sporting thing like never before. The increment in the sporting industry, of course, promotes not only the industry but also the economic aspect of the country.

There are also images that are sent to the society in that the sporting society needs to be fashionable as well. With that people with such images may be passionate about them and yearn to pursue or participate in different gaming as much as people may only purchase the sporting activities equipment’s most are capable of purchasing and not using them perhaps because he/she may want to have portrayed the health, strength and the dynamic world.


As the world gets diverse, people do opt for comfortability and efficiency of sporting attire. Manufacturers on the other hand due to a rapid increase in technological aspects then they get challenged to different attires that may need to meet the needs of the customers. The dynamic world, therefore, needs to be flexible to any speed I partake. The sporting equipment’s we had in the years back are not available and if so they tend to be unattended to.

Environmental and legal

The environmental principles also regardless of any subjects then the sports manufacturers have values and rules to respect the teenager individuals. The employment can be determined by the superiority in different sporting fields. When exemplary performances are made, the weighing can either fall on the teenage or young ages. With this, there is no otherwise but to continue.

Moreover, the sporting sector also should ensure tariff barriers high regulates and reduces the importation of the sporting types of equipment.

Force analysis

It entails the rivalry outside the business industry. It consists of the buyers, the substitutes, the suppliers and the rivalry.

The PESTEL analysis is therefore of great importance since. It identifies solutions to the problems and works out new directions on the product planning of the businesses. It moreover determines the long-term effect on the performance and the business activities which actually review and strategies the consumer may be having. Additionally analyzing the PESTEL it provides the exemplary advantages on the competitors and working out the direction of the business products and planning. Having the poster's analysis moreover, it figures out the possible risks that may be associated with the markets of the consumer that an individual may be interested in.

Consumer buyer behavior theory

This is the theory that entails the ability and the intention of creating certain incomes. Through this consumers tend to act in there interest rates and moreover becomes so critique in making decisions. In conjunction with making the 21st century be at the part and parcel of science whereby it portrays who how the two ideas openly take the task in the idea whereby they ten to be marketable. These impressions featured by the consumer it holds the eye of an individual and rather pulls the imagination grounded in the psychological economical and human perspective. The consumer behavior theory bases its arguments on how the individual’s purchases or addressing the issues and how the individual group interests also address theirs. When the consumer management theory gets to understand all about the consumer emotions and feelings then they tend to perfect on the marketing campaigns and impact of the consumers.

Statistically, the research talks about the need for recognition and address the problems through awareness in order to make decisions pertaining to the consumer buyer. ( Monroe K.B 1990).The search for information and evaluation of alternatives aids in making decisions and besides the purchasing and post purchasing evaluations. The choice of decision making somehow can be situational in that before one makes the final decision some of these models would have gone through. Through the consideration of the model the consumer may be in the need to consult the different sources for the instant the personal sources the commercial sources like the retailers, the public sources these are the social platforms be it magazines and perhaps the experimental sources where an individual examines the product.

The consumer buyer behavior moreover bases its argument on the Maslow motivational theory whereby before the need is purchased there is the need to look at the needs that are ought to be fulfilled. Maybe it may be a psychological needs, safety need, love esteem or can be part of the self-actualization category. With this, it can motivate the buyer to purchase some items that may be of importance hence wise in decision making. Some of these business schools and marketing institutions need to give clear explanations on how marketing is done to the consumers. The consumers are ought to be advised on the choice of purchase where they should purchase what they only require that can satisfy their needs. Moreover, the consumer choice on the safety needs whereby they may engage themselves in purchasing the vehicle which can be in turn more important to have considered the value and not the aesthetic content in a vehicle for instance. In our case additionally when opting to purchase any sporting activity attire, for instance, the necessity and how long it can last furthermore depending on the income profile.

There is this impulse buying where the consumer purchases something in the name how it appears and how much it catches the eye. The retailers tend to be on point when displaying such products whereby they capture the impulsive thoughts and close the sales this predicts on the purchasing decisions of the buyer and it shows how marketers’ best capitalize on the predictable behavior’s. This dominated the whole buying process and of course the marketing theory.

Market segmentation

The sporting activities and equipment are very it the indoor or the outdoor sports. Segmentation marketing is a strategic marketing that follows various factors and is majorly used by the business experts in dividing the market into various necessary areas. In our case, there are outdoor equipment’s that are required like skating, surfing, mountain biking, snowboarding and maybe the archery. With these concept familiarizing the equipment’s that are necessary for such sporting is the consumer and customer initiatives. The equipment’s that are required as well includes the balls, nets and some of the protective gears, for instance, the helmets. The segmentation method that can be applied in the sports and outdoor equipment’s depends on the demographic segmentation, the geographical segmentation, the behavioral segmentation, and psychographic segmentation.

Demographic segmentation deals with the differences in gender, age, occupation, the levels of education, the family status and of course the income profile. Basing on the sporting activities and the outdoor equipment’s the consumer’s interest depends on the demographic factors. For instance, the age of an individual determines which size or which items to purchase. A toddler cannot use the same sporting equipment like a toddler or the 8-year-old individual may not require a parachute because of the stability reasons. Besides, the gender matters in the choice of market segmentation and demographic factors to narrow down. Basically what a lady can use in sporting may totally be unusual or odd when the agent uses the same thing. For instance, more of the mountain bikes and climbing may tend to be manly which therefore is considered as the gender differences in the choice of sporting equipment. With gender, some colors look girlish and therefore the consumer buying decisions are affected.

Demographically the family status and the customer income profile matters as well whereby when the prices are scheduled and fixed, when the economic status and profile of an individual is unpredictable then the purchase of the correct purpose items is done. This will encourage the sporting participation hence keeping up on the health issues and obesity for that matter. Education levels of the consumer may be of great impact too I that the literacy levels tend to affect the choice of usage whereby if you are illiterate some equipment’s can act new to an individual.

In the case of behavioral segmentation which largely is concerned with the customer or consumer loyalty. This is a case whereby how necessary is the item required and how frequent are you in the market locality. With this familiarity getting a proper explanation on the usage of these types of equipment becomes easy rather. Behavioral segmentation gives a clear insight into the consumer. The retailer can easily affirm the behavior of the consumer and can offer the necessary equipment’s they may need.

According to the geographical segmentation where the location becomes a factor in the sport and outdoor equipment’s. To this case, the location of a beach or a mountain differs. When considering this as the retailers cannot take the swimming costumes to the mountains and hills where hiking is done or come with helmets to the beach. It definitely seems so weird where some equipment should be where they are supposed to be important as they are at that place. Basically, the parachutes may not be sold at the low-pressure zones. (Pillay, T.V.R. and Kutty, M.N., 2005). The geographical segmentation of a place speaks volume on the type of equipment’s necessitated. Summing up on the segmentation whereby the psychographic segmentation which deals with different levels of lifestyles that can be figured out depending on the customers’ enthusiasm. ( Duncan .T. 2005).This focuses more on the interests of the customers and the activities he/she majorly focuses on. From this, the customer benefits are considered be it recreation advantages or maybe for health issues.

Looking at the market targeting strategy where the outdoor retailers look for strategies that can make their equipment’s and services reach the customers. The customers may even get access to them at the social platforms whereby through the creation of the website and determining the audience then they can easily market their products and types of equipment. The customers basically look for the services they require whereby its identified majorly when the retailers get to display all their activities on the website and since they are outdoor they can implicitly offer delivery services. When delivery services are offered then the customers get encouraged to yearn for such items since they may not be able to go look for the items may be due to time reasons.

Legit equipment should additionally be administered this will encourage the customers and entrust them to the retail individuals. The customers should note bombarded. Moreover, for the best marketing strategy, the retailers ought to reward or offer benefits to the customers maybe discounts or customer recruitment rewards. With this, the retailers expand their marketing practices hence promoting their living standards.

The positioning of the market analysis basing on the sporting and outdoor equipment’s comes along with branding. This is where the target of the retailers is to embrace the consumer appeals where the placements if the types of equipment are appealing and in a prospective customers mind. It normally looks at the current position of place and where these retailers yearn to be. As well as the consumer may be the purchase is due to the health reasons then they are commonly established and insisted of moving forward. Excellent positioning of the sport and outdoor equipment goes in line with clarity, consistency, credibility and the competition among other industries. For the succession and the work credibility of the market strategy, the individuals need to focus on retaining the customers and as well as improving their economic and social standard.


Pillay, T.V.R. and Kutty, M.N., 2005. Aquaculture: principles and practices (No. Ed. 2). Blackwell publishing.

Duncan, T., 2005. Principles of advertising & IMC.

Monroe, K.B., 1990. Pricing: Making profitable decisions. McGraw-Hill Companies.

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