The Importance of Psychological Safety in Nursing

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Psychological Safety Issues of Workers

Psychological safety issues of workers challenge the success of any organization. According to Edmondson, Harvard professor, psychological safety is the assurance that no adverse consequences in sharing new ideas, reporting unethical behavior and seeking feedback on their career and relationship with fellow workers (Sherman 2012).

The Importance of Psychological Safety in Nursing

Nursing is one of the most stressful occupations, and therefore psychological safety is necessary which forms the primary focus of this essay.

Facilitating Psychological Safety

Managers have the mandate to facilitate the psychological safety of workers. The nurse in charge of the unit is required to lead others in respecting individuals despite their different ideologies. In fact, regarding others' opinion involves avoiding negative criticism both in and out of the workplace. Such respect yields trust between teammates and with their leaders hence increasing their productivity.

Organizing Recreational Activities

Moreover, the leader of the unit can organize recreational activities for the team. During the occasion, after the end of a shift, there is sharing of experiences of work with the assurance of no breach, taking tea together or even having a fellowship. Additionally, sports is another area that the manager can focus on which will help the nurses free their minds. Such activities offer a chance for relieving stress caused by their jobs as well as an opportunity for the workers to interact (Sherman 2012). Too much pressure on a person affects their productivity, and to nurses it is more sensitive provided the nature of their job.

Social Support Among Nurses

On a personal level, nurses should socially support one another. Having each other's back always will strengthen their team thus increasing the sense of belonging, which is essential in all careers. Additionally, reinforcing and brainstorming ideas will help reduce the insecurity of being in a team thus increasing their trust and confidence in one another.


In brief, psychological safety is vital for any workplace. The various ways to ensure psychological safety is by encouraging interaction, talk sessions, sports, and brainstorming. Therefore, the employees' well-being will not only improve but also increase productivity.


Sherman, R. O. (2012, May 24). Creating Psychological Safety in our Workplace. Retrieved March 11, 2018, from

October 24, 2023

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