The Importance of Quantitative Reports in Business

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The data presented in the report is quantitative because it is a comprehensive summary of the number of order that customers make. Additionally, the data presents precise information with regards to the date, month, and the year when the clients made an order. Furthermore, the data elaborates the financial impact resulting from the daily orders made by the clients.

The quantitative report can be used to show the current performance of the firm[1]. Moreover, this data can be the basis for predicting the expected outcome in the future. By analyzing the data, the user of this information can identify the areas that are weak and implement the necessary measure to improve them for better performance. For instance, by looking at the number of product orders available every day, one can tell that it is lower than that of beverages or dairy products. Therefore, one can evaluate the price of the product or consider advertising it in order to increase the order number per day. Notably, this data is a point of reference for its user when monitoring the progress and performance of the supplies.

By placing alike characters in the same column, one can be able to compare their performance. The use of columns and rows gives the reader an easy time to analyze and comprehend the information contained therein. The order ID column helps to distinguish between different products with reference to the person who made the order, the date when the order was made, and the name of the product. On the other hand, The unit price per order and the product order quantity helps one to calculate the total payment that they should make for any product that they choose to buy.


1. How many orders were made daily by customers from Denmark?

2. What is the total product quantity made every month of the year?

3. Which product category gathered the highest order turnout in 2014?

4. Which product category gathered the lowest order turnout in 2014?

5. Which month did the supplier make the highest sales from seafood?

6. Why is the price for beverages for clients in Germany different from that of customers in the USA?

7. How many product categories does the enterprise owner offer to the clients?

8. How many clients from Belgium ordered for meat/poultry during the reporting period?

9. How many total units for each product category were supplied in 2014?

10. What are the total sales for the year 2014?

Discussion about the data set

This dataset is a representation of the total supply of products. The products are offered to different clients from different countries. The prices of the order categories vary from one state to the other because of the different currency exchange rates. Moreover, the data presents the customer’s order preference, thus reporting more entries of the product that most people ordered, which is the seafood.

The quantitative data reports the number of orders as well as the price per order in order to enable one to quantify the price of all the products supplied to the clients, and at the same time, be able to compare the performance of each product every day. Moreover, the method used to distribute the information enables one to identify the individuals who make an order, their background, the product category that they ordered, and the amount they spent to pay for the order.


Fraser, Cynthia, and Fraser. Business Statistics for Competitive Advantage with Excel 2013. Springer, 2013.

[1] Fraser, Cynthia, and Fraser. Business Statistics for Competitive Advantage with Excel 2013. Springer, 2013.

January 19, 2024

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