The Importance of Research in Academic Writing

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The objective concentrates on the knowledge acquired by a writer while tackling academic research. It means that an individual should try to train himself to use texts to find out more about a research or a particular subject of discussion. Documenting any form of study should be incorporated as an essential factor in discovering new things on the specified topic. 

            Zeiger’s work on “Enfranchising the Spirit of Inquiry in College,” quotes that the act of learning something new comes naturally from the art of writing. The author narrates how new ideas are attained from documented information while conducting research (Zeiger 457). In other words, research directs writers to new ideas and skills to improve their mastery of writing.

Reading Difficult Texts and Understanding Them

It is the ability to go through a stressful experience and emerge as a winner after conquering whatever one was facing. In simple terms, the objective is set to ensure that students can be able to internalize encrypted information from a specific source. In the article, “Finding Your Way into a Writing Assignment,” Savini states, “one of academic discipline is to spot a challenge and finding a solution to the difficult situation (Savini 52).” The quote implies that a reader should do their very to overcome any challenge they encounter while reading to try to understand the content. She suggests that a reader should try to read the difficult material, as many times as possible until they can finally comprehend whatever is stated in it. They should do it as if it is the only thing they can do (Savini 52).

Collaborating New Materials with What One Is Familiar With

It is essential to blend old and new ideas to come up with desirable results. It merely means that, for one to tackle or to achieve anything, they have to use past and present ideas, skills, and opinions for them to be successful in their ventures. Combined forces yield better results than when one ignores past experiences thinking they are no longer useful and only puts effort into current issues.

            Sommers’ article on “Revision Strategies for Student Writers and Experienced Adult Writers” explains that "There is a bound that connects teaching and speech." It means that all forms of writing should be written with regard to both the past and new models. Student writers are advised to review on the past writing skills and merge them with new writing forms for texts to be more appealing and exciting to readers today and in the future (Sommers 79). They should incorporate ideas used in the by past authors into their current research.

Learning How to Use Multiple Source Theme

It is crucial for a writer to avoid limiting their work to one particular idea or experience. Writers should adopt the use of different materials in making their work more effective and suitable for all sorts of readers. A quote from Zeiger’s work “Enfranchising the Spirit of Inquiry in College,” states that “Rather than declining supporting data and ideas, one should expound on them.” It is essential to ensure that all related ideas and knowledge are collaborating to create a strong argument on the material at hand (Zeiger 460).

Applying Writing Concepts on Daily Life and Major

Using all writing strategies on the way people live their lives and professional life is an integral part of learning. The emotions attached to a particular text can be related to the author’s life experiences. In short, it implies that individuals should use the attained knowledge for documenting ideas into their daily activities and areas of specialty.

            “There are zero chances that we will find there being no connection between what is written, and how we live our lives and pursue different majors." The above is by McLeod in the article “The Affective Domain and the Writing Process.” From the publication, it is understood that whatever students learn in academics is directly taken to their daily progress and their emotions (McLeod 99). The knowledge guides them on how they carry out duties and obligations in academic and in real life situations.

Growth as a Writer

The ability to grow in a particular field is based mainly on personal motivation and the interest to improve individual skills. Building a strong base as a writer is a process that demands the writer to develop a passion for the art. Having the will to learn new ideas and steps to improve something is an important aspect, as it enhances inspiration and motivation. It is not a matter of taking a pen, and paper and writing, certain steps are needed while extracting content to be used in a text. If the right guidelines are followed, then a better text will be attained, facilitating massive growth in writing.

            Earlier, I usually obtained and extracted my research from assigned documents only. Limited research materials were used, thus limiting my opportunity for growth. However, now I enquire information from a variety of sources and related texts for improved writing to be experienced and come up with an appealing and interesting piece of paper. Research from a variety of sources provides room for more learning, resulting in quality and objectiveness.

            Having the perception that writing is boring can result in one having the wrong attitude towards the writing task. Before, I used to rely on present facts and data only thinking that the writing will be objective but instead made my writing biased. For an excellent text to be developed, a writer should incorporate all the information from the past and present to develop the future expectations. The art of using past ideas and present ones in a text symbolizes a lot of growth in writing.

            Personal judgment on a subject is not good enough to establish what is required of an author. There are steps and guidelines followed to acquire the information. A writer should first identify the problem of study and understand it. Proper evaluations should be done using past knowledge and present experiences to understand the solutions to be applied and the expected results. The steps will provide an opportunity to establish the views of various authors about the specific problem. It is essential to follow all the steps and avoid basing arguments on personal grounds only as it brings about the growth aspect of deriving content from text.

             In conclusion, for a writer to witness any growth in writing, they have to ensure they follow the correct procedure in searching for information from various areas. They should think critically and use experiences from the past and the present to be able to prove the facts they bring forth. Openness to new ideas is a necessity as it gives one the urge to want to learn new things from different people. Therefore, growth does not happen by itself, it is a process that should be implemented systematically, and a writer must be actively involved.

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