The Importance of Resilience in Nurses

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The article, ‘Buidling your resiliency’ uses a typical case of a nurse named Suzan who failed to attain her target in critical care certification examination to illustrate the best practices to resiliency. Sherman (2018) illuminate that anyone can succumb to the adversities and challenges in life with the significant impacts on their future initiatives. The author further exemplifies certain causes of such discouragements in life that require one's proactive bounciness. One of the highly elaborated instances is the failure in the examination.

Due to the abundance of challenges, Sherman (2018) discussed three essential approaches to build resilience; being intentional, having the resiliency toolbox, and acquiring a positive perspective about the problems. To gain a positive outlook about one's experiences, Sherman (2018) advice that victims need to be very proactive in recovering from the negative experiences. Also, the author instructs that everyone needs a well-equipped ‘toolbox’ packed with the wellness habits, ability to focus on the positive aspects of life, positive attitude and a unique network of support around them. Finally, Sherman (2018) advice that a resilient individual focus on future intentions make improvements.

 Impact of Assigned Article Content on Future Practice

The article of Sherman (2018) gives a comprehensive heart-uplifting approach of upholding resiliency, especially for nurses. Since nurses get exposed to constant instances of occupational stress and disturbances, they need to have the recommended tools to help them overcome such cases. The author of the article gives a roadmap to building strong resiliency. Apart from nurses, individuals from other professions can acquire the required skills to help them in making a strong foundation in their career. Also, resiliency sharpens one’s proficiency in their tasks and live a positive life. Sherman (2018) indicates that “being resilient will give you the strength to tackle your problems head-on… and move on with your life” (p. 27). Therefore, the article does not only empower people to be more resilient in their professional duties but also makes one live a healthy lifestyle, with minimal stress.




Sherman, R. O. (2018). Building your resiliency. Journal of American Nurse Association, 13(9), 26 – 30.

October 13, 2023

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