The Importance of Technology in Improving Sales

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This paper is going to tackle the importance of technology in improving sales, and how companies can leverage on Information Technology (IT).

The information got for the compilation of this paper was retrieved from scholarly articles, interviews, questionnaires, observation and the significant challenge faced during conduction of the investigation was the limited financial constraint for the same. Seamus Company should embrace technology, and in conjunction with the support from Shopaxx, it is guaranteed improved performance. The significant findings from the proposal are that most global companies that are known for success take full advantage of technology and from the research, it is clear that technology is a crucial participant for a company’s success. During the budgeting, the funding requirements will be estimated by a professional.

Shopaxx is a leading online-sales company founded in 1945 and has its head office located in Boca Raton, Florida and has also specified in creation and selling of software that helps in businesses operations while still offering technical assistance. The company has over 40 stores in 30 states, and in 2017, the net sales that were received were $5.3 billion, down from $7.2 billion in 2016. There is need to research ways to increase profits in a company while executing strategies that are affordable while still delivering goods and services to consumers. The primary intended audiences for these proposals are mainly middle and high school students since they are the primary clients for Seamus Company (SC). The research products include scholarly manuscripts, magazines, interviews and questionnaires. Shopaxx will assist SC’s Board of Director (BOD) to achieve its aim of executing innovative ways to improve productivity by leveraging information technology (IT) and the internet as discussed. The paper assumes that close to 80% of the American population has access of electronic devices that can access the internet referring to studies that claim that in a crowd of ten people more than seven of them can readily access a computer device. The anticipated outcome of a company that fully utilises technology is increasing in sales and market with improved customer service.

Literature Review

According to Mooney, Gurbaxani, & Kraemer, (2016) Internet was initially known as ARPAnet (Advanced Research Project Agency network) and was mainly used by the military in 1960, and then universities and agencies created their system using ARPAnet protocol. Evolution in technology is of great help when it comes to helping companies to run their operations efficiently by aiding in streamlining techniques to improve sales. (Brynjolfsson & Hitt, 2015). Currently, large data, mobile, social and cloud computing is of great aid in shaping sales. CRM is an excellent way of promoting sales of companies though not many companies are leveraging on this technology since this can help in determining sales opportunity and gives the sales manager to track deals in progress through pipelining. (Westerman, Bonnet, & McAfee, 2016). Reich and Benbasat (2017), claim that the internet has been of great success in assisting great companies in the world like Amazon, for instance, the founder immediately after finding a buyer of selling his first book started selling books to all the states in the US and more than other 40 countries. According to Melville, Kraemer, and Gurbaxani, (2014) Internet technology helps in simplifying shipping and order fulfilment making it easy for him to order books from authors directly. E bay is also another company that gets tremendous profits by allowing people to sell and buy goods online and though it started humbly around 1995, it is fast growing. (Chesbrough & Rosenbloom, 2018). Today almost everything can be purchased online from booking tickets to dinner just to mention a few; statistics show that more than 60% of adults have once bought something online and this figure will go up.


Seamus Company needs a software that will ease and improve productivity, and HRIS will ensure that. The system will ensure more productivity by providing customer visit days with the aid of GPS location together with location stamp, or have the field with time and date. The system will enable field reports and expenses to be submitted easier. HRIS will ensure that statements and costs are approved quickly and prevent employees from making follow-ups hence improving their productivity other aims to be achieved as follows;

Ease Administrative tasks

HRIS will ensure that administrative tasks are automated and deter employees from manual processes and help to avoid time wastage hence increase productivity

Create a sense of ownership

The software will provide the employees feel self-managed and will be able to do their jobs without frequent monitoring thus feel empowered while making decisions boosting morale by creating a sense of ownership

Make daily reports easy to handle

The system will have productivity tools that will make natural especially to workers that are in the field by using mobile gadgets since the system operates in any media from computer to mobiles.4cliqs will aid in the submission of reports having authenticated data while on the move since it is a robust tool in report management

Ensure timely management insights

The system will enable the administration to be aware of all the tasks and gives updates on the progress of the sales

Help in exploration and taking measures

Data will be readily available for the management will help in determining weak areas, strengths and how to improve. With data analysis, it is easy to decide on employees that are more productive it will also have ratings and reviews to see areas that the clients want better service.

Chapter IV: Methods


The participants that took part in the research were 100 undergraduate students who school in a medium-sized institution that is located in Boca Raton, Florida and were given monetary token as appreciation for participation. Undergraduate students were recommended since they have passed through middle and high school and used grammar books with cartoons to make learning easy and have opinions on areas authors can improve on. The age of the participants involved ranged from 18 to 24 years with the mean age being 20 years. Most of the participants were female with a percentage of 65% to 35% men. Caucasian was the most common ethnic group with (85.8%) followed by the Asians or Pacific Islander with 1%, African-American 9.2% with the native Americans, Hispanic and "other" ethnic group getting less than 1%.Most of those in attendance were the sophomores with 85.8%, first-year students, juniors and seniors having 10.8%, 1.7% and 1.7% respectively. Most of those who participated were single with 60% followed by those that are married with 30% while divorced and engaged both having 5%.


Questionnaires that were in the form of paper-pencil test aided in gathering information needed concerning the importance of having cartoons in learning materials after filling open-ended questions concerning the subject. The students that participated were interviewed separately with each session lasting five minutes. The interviewer used the journal "Redefining the Digital Divide: Beyond Access to Computers and the Internet" to gauge the students understanding of the implication of computers to learners.

Chapter V: Results

This section is a summary of the contributions and finding made during the conduction of the research methodologies such as questionnaires, scholarly research, interview and psychological gauging of the participants depending on their understanding of the journal "Beyond Computation: Information Technology, Organizational Transformation and Business Performance". According to the study, that was conducted 70% of the participants agreed that using cartoon characters was helpful to make learning enjoyable for learners.80% of the results got from the participants and information from scholarly articles seem to support the idea that technology help businesses to improve their sales and market. The participants agreed that firms need to get technical assistance from firms that offer the service and decided that software systems could help to streamline business operations.


Since Seamus Company wants exclusivity over HRIS, Shopaxx will be inclined to sell the price at a lower price as compared to hiring the system. The payment does not have to be upfront, and it can be discussed in ways and the duration of payment. Our technical support will aid in entering of data in the system that complies with the QA requirement. Shopaxx provides a significantly lower pricing model in a co-IP that will provide SC exclusivity for a period. However, Shopaxx allows Seamus to research on other pricing models that could lower the cost to build also a common market and revenue share to improve revenue opportunities. SC can also introduce TV programs that specify around grammar topics to widen their market since TV programs reach many people. Seamus Company can utilise CRM technology that is cloud based on improving sales and understanding market demands; SC can also make decisions from data that is retrieved from the internet, e.g. social media outlets.

Progress will be evaluated by checking customer ratings and customer referrals by including a text-enabled platform where the customers can communicate with the QA. Development will also be monitored by increased profits since the objective is to increase sales.


Shopaxx will ensure IT support and has all the resources and contact with other IT companies that specialize in areas like cabling and web design amongst others guaranteeing quality service. Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology will be utilized to find the requirements and all the needs of the client to ensure all the elements are addressed. Shopaxx is the best firm that will aid Seamus to achieve its potential and will provide technical assistance to ensure the system be up and running at all times. The company has excellent testimonials from other satisfied customers, and it will provide remote monitoring and management.


Brynjolfsson, E., & Hitt, L. M. (2015). Beyond Computation: Information Technology, Organizational Transformation and Business Performance. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 14(4), 23–48.

Chesbrough, H., & Rosenbloom, R. S. (2018). The role of the business model in capturing value from innovation: evidence from Xerox Corporation’s technology spin‐off companies. Industrial and Corporate Change, 11(3), 529–555.

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Westerman, G., Bonnet, D., & McAfee, A. (2016). Leading Digital: Turning Technology Into Business Transformation. Harvard Business Press.

Appendix Shopaxx company, 7999N. Federal Highway, 4th floor, Boca Raton, Florida 33487, 561.445.5664, 15th April 2018.

Seamus Company, Address City, State, Zip Code To whom it may concern



Shopaxx is a leading online-sales company that was founded in 1945; our head office is located in Boca Raton, Florida. The company despite being a leading online sales company that deals in Information and Technology (IT) transactions has a team of qualified developers with polished credentials. We have specialised in many areas including developing of Systems that aid in running business operations according to the client specification and offer technical assistance to our customers even after selling our products.

We have more than 30 stores around the country, in 2017 our net sales was $ 5.5 billion a slight decline from $7.2 billion attained in 2016, and this is attributed to the usage of technology. We are capable of delivering a product that will ensure that Seamus Company improves its sales and rich more customer while ensuring their satisfaction by providing a system that even your main clients (the middle and high school students) find it intuitive and aesthetic to use. SC can have exclusivity over HRIS at an affordable price compared to the hiring of the system the payment does not have to be upfront, and the terms of payment can be agree upon and legal written documentation produced for proof. We have a technical support team that can help in entering of data in the system in compliance with the QA requirements. We provide a significantly lower price model in a co-IP that will ensure exclusivity for a period. Your company is free to research on other pricing models that could lower the cost to build, common market and revenue share to enhance revenue opportunities. However, slightly off topic SC can also introduce TV programs that specialise in grammar.

Please consider our request; thanks in advance hope to hear from you soon, we have a proposal document for further information.

Yours Faithfully,

Shopaxx Company-Manager.

September 04, 2023
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