The Importance of Time Management and Leadership Skills in a Dentist

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Learning the topic time management came as redemption for me. I had serious problems with organizing my schedule to encompass all the activities both learning and social. I love spending time with my friends, visiting relatives, engaging in physical activities while covering the content as a scholar. Many at times I worked without a schedule or prepared a biased one depending on the circumstances. I found myself spending all my time reading while the exams were near while spending more time in social activities when exams were not near. Through the topic time management, I have realized that it is possible for me to develop a more constant schedule that encompasses all the activities without inducing stressed moments due to over-allocation of time to social activities which are more attractive by default.

Taking part in the creation of a schedule containing various activities to be performed provided me with the skills of creating future time schedules as may be required. The advice received from the lecturer on developing a schedule was largely important in developing time consciousness. The skills learned will help me in optimizing my use of time in a manner that will allow me to balance between social life and studies and hence an improved lifestyle and more productivity.

Leadership skills

I had long convinced myself that I had no talent in leadership because I always found myself unable to lead even the smallest group of individuals. The topic leadership skills helped me realize how difficult administration is in a healthcare system. It dawned on me that the responsibilities of ensuring quality services and smooth learning of operations are hard to achieve without sufficient leadership skills. I understood the diversity of patients’ healthcare needs as well as the how large the number of personnel involved in a health care system can be. The realizations helped me understand that I had no option than to develop effective leadership skills.

The topic of leadership skills changed my attitude towards leadership. I realized that leadership skills could be learned to make better leaders. I learned new ingredients of good leadership which include; decisiveness, conflict management, integrity, justice, caution, optimism and being accommodative of others opinions. Slowly I have realized a shift in my attitude towards leadership; even my friends have noted the change in my character. Going forward, I am sure that the skills learned in class will help me to develop into an outstanding leader ready to face the challenges in my future career.

Health professional research

The topic of health professional research illuminated the future professional expectations on me as a dentist. I realized the magnitude of the contribution that I am expected to make which includes among others working in research programs that are aimed at improving the quality of health services as well as finding solutions for new and existing problems. I also realized how delicate research is meant to be and the care and efforts required for successful research in the medical field. The topic helped me realize that I must endeavor to polish my research skills gradual and consistently as my skills mature.

Learning the basics in professional research and working on simplified projects was sufficiently crucial in laying the foundation for professional research. The methods of research learned will help me in continually improving my knowledge in professional research through a continued review of research conducted in the field as well as participating in simplified research programs as I develop the necessary expertise through my academic journey to allow me to engage in complex research programs.

October 30, 2023
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