The Life and Works of Walt Whitman

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Walt Whitman (1819-1892) is one of the most prolific American Poets (Hampson Foundation 1). He supported the dignity and people’s freedom and composed songs of man’s brotherhood and democracy. Also, the central goal in writings was to make readers across the world change their perspectives. Walt’s elements of his life such as love for nature, explorative character and his advocacy of ideal personality influenced his writings.

            All of Walt's pieces of work featured common themes of nature which instilled in him deep insights on religion, arts, and politics (Annayat 35). He had a robust conviction that life was a fountain for all beautiful things whether it was the light of the moon or the smell of a flower. Walt believed that the inherent natural beauty had the propensity to add aesthetic value to humanity. For Instance, his Leaves of Grass is an exceptional work on technique and content, thus becoming the most influential poem (Hampson 1).

            The explorative nature of Whitman not only made him be an incredible writer, but also the most influential author across American Literature's History. For illustration, his poems were aimed at changing people’s viewpoint at issues of life. Thus, the world of poetry advanced at his lifetime, credit to Whitman (Annayat 37).

Also, glorification of the human self is among the most persistent themes in Walt’s poetic work. For illustration, the personal element of ‘The Self’ is prominent in Whitman’s poetry. A point in case, the poetry of the ‘self’ made Walter a renowned romantic poet (Annayat 37). His deep insights into components of ‘self' such as death, trauma, relationships, and depression made Walt emerge as a prominent poet who was an exponent of ideal human personality.

In conclusion, Walt Whitman can be considered as one of the most prominent American writers. Walter's exceptional works are subject to unique elements of his life such as love for nature, innovativeness, and advocacy of the perfect personality influenced his writings

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August 21, 2023



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