The Lockheed Martin Corporation

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In March 1995, the Lockheed Martin Corporation was established as a result of the merger of the two largest defense and technology manufacturers in the world. This merger, also referred to as a "merger of equals," was notable for bringing together the largest aerospace, technology, and defense corporations. Currently, Lockheed Martin is one of the largest federal defense contractors, living up to its reputation. Lockheed Martin has proven throughout the years that it can maintain a level of technology that has astonished and protected a lot of the nation's military services. As a result, Lockheed Martin has been able to preserve the strong reputation that it has established. This is ability is view as significant because of the level of output shown.

In addition, Lockheed has the capability to be considered an international business. The years that have the past, many of the aerospace and defense companies have been restricted to American business units. At the moment, this situation is actually evolving by formulating various different opportunities with the available US allies. This actually includes a totally cost-free UK operations among other forms of support.

Lockheed Martin has managed to be the best and thus being able to be a leader of its era. This is proved true by a number of the plots it has been able to put together like the early stealth project F-117 Nighthawk which were a unique project at the time. Skunk Works has been enabled the organization to consider the best in the technological field and sustain that position.

Ethics Program

Ethics is simply the perplexing business because people begin to realize when things are going well for us (Terris, 2005). The moral awareness program which was created by Dilbert 1997 has undergone similar conditions since the day it was formed. In addition, it is expected that to calls to morals administrators should not be there but unfortunately, they have increased exceptionally and this is an indication of a low level of trust. The employees at Lockheed Martin have generally provided input that the ethic project is helpful and the senior administration often claims that morals highly regarded quality (Terris, 2005).

The fact is that there challenges in the organization. Surveys show that a good number of the Lockheed Martin employees still believe that they are in a situation whereby they can easily strike back in case they are asked to address morals transgression (Terris, 2005). It is actually a fact that the novice employees who have worked there for 6 months or less are vulnerable when it comes to morals violation since they take more time to understand the organization's community (Terris, 2005). Administrators often ignore the moral concerns brought up by the people who present them to them. Chiefs do not discern an ethical matter right before them. This will create challenges in the future since the moral division will interfere with continuous change (Terris, 2005).

Additionally, ethics should not only be considered as the tendency to fulfill the legal requirement but also a considerable matter that can be added to the organization's general goal. The business and moral conduct division regularly require portraying its worth in a paramount concern business. The client has acquired an increase in Lockheed Martin's candor as the reason for getting fresh contracts and she comes up with an expensive plight concerning the reserve funds that were generally accepted on account of the expectation of waste and misrepresentation (Terris, 2005).


Lockheed Martin’s ethics officers work in geographically separate offices from each other, mostly occupied with the challenges of local facilities, operating at the directive of the organization executive who participates in the guidance of the officers with the business area directors (Terris, 2005). The officers are women and men who have been promoted to the Lockheed Martin ranks and have earned the right to be in the ethics work via human auditing. Employees encounter challenges but the organization's support structure is able to overcome them. Ethics should give a Lockheed Martin employee's efforts a sense of mission and meaning (Terris, 2005).

Ethical training must be constituent of an extended public approach against dishonesty and has to be shown in records. Even though the training is taking place, there is no guarantee for its practice. It is absolutely necessary to have an authoritative requirement to impart and get reliable training for public authorities included, for example, an Anti-corruption Program and other appropriate arrangements (Terris, 2005).

It is absolutely necessary that there is more than one public organization which responsible for the overall system for morals training, for planning, sorting, and analysis of results. The general administration, hostile to morals center can take up this role; the clear communication of the responsibility of these organizations has to be supplemented with proper coordination among them. Furthermore, morals have to be assimilated in the day to day administration of public organizations and the executives of open organizations must promote morals in their companies (Terris, 2005).

Methods of Regulation

The particular manner of looking at ethical leadership is definitely linked with a variety of admired results recognized by their subordinate at the group and individual levels. These outcomes instill the urge to implement additional attempts and assist other people, fulfillment of the job, obligation to the association, impact of a moral atmosphere especially when individuals perceive that they are handled well, good faith in the organization and their role, impression of the importance of the job and the willingness to report upcoming matters to the administration (Terris, 2005). In addition, the moral pioneers will be perceived as being able to handle more senior ranks in the organization than those people who are not perceived as moral pioneers. In addition, the concept of moral administration is likewise on the contrary distinguished with counterproductive and aberrance work operations (Terris, 2005).

The outcome of moral administration is also influenced by a variety of variables. For example, the moral trailblazers may decide to assist the subordinates while having a distinguished feeling of self-rule and their role is crucial (Terris, 2005). This will lead to an improved level of execution in the employee's jobs and raise their urge to assist and implement more exertion. This will also give the subordinates more confidence in airing out their opinions, for example, sharing their issues. The value placed on employee’s view is illuminated by the emotional psychological comfort in sharing thoughts and emotions instilled in subordinates by moral initiative (Terris, 2005).


Ethics and culture determine the manner in which people coordinate and how they make their decisions. For the decisions which are made in groups, we are required to factor in the wide range of sections of the individuals we are operating with. Even though it may not be evident, the community and morals have played in role swaying cooperative decision making as each person has a different culture and has a different standpoint when it comes to morals. Hence, when we are operating in groups, it is very crucial we put into consideration all these facts since they will be present and will influence in what manner the group will operate and how the group makes decisions. It is crucial that we embrace the manner in which other people in the group live since every community considers uniting as well as operating in groups in an unforeseen way. A good example is when we factor in the regions of low and high settings in the communities.

The low context is the culture whereby matters are fully delineated and complex. Matters are considerably more particular and a lot of importance is put on. In this approach, in a group situation, individuals from minimal connection communities will require slick aspects as they figure out the matter the group is working on. On the other hand, high context is the culture that comes up with an ample measure of opinions concerning the shared characteristic of the accords, views as well as knowledge. Individuals from these cultures do not feel the need to consider each of the specifics and there is a level of mutual personal interpretation available. This kind of connection can be found in every community and having each one of them in a group would urge confusion and poor coordination thus causing the group to collapse.


Terris, D. (2005). Ethics at Work: Creating Virtue in an American Corporation (1st ed., pp. 117-

154). Brandeis University.

February 22, 2023

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