The Monkey Garden

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When the monkey left, the monkey garden fell into disrepair. The garden had been overgrown and had become a dumping ground for abandoned vehicles. The weeds grew larger outside the walls, causing distortion. Tito and his friends' game on Sally goes on to demonstrate the degree of spiritual decay in society. The children played their games in the garden because it was far away from the parents. The games demonstrate that Tito and his mates were aware that the games would be frowned upon by their parents because they were immoral. Therefore, they hid in the garden where nobody would see them (Ford and Jon 116).

The narrator feels the need to save Sally because the games are discriminatory in gender. The boys take advantage of Sally by hiding her keys and forcing her to kiss them. The narrator finds the game unethical hence the need to protect her. Tito and his friends play the games deep into the garden where parents do not know what is happening. The narrator feels that the boys will introduce Sally in other sexual games and take advantage of her innocence. Therefore, she reports the incident to Sally’s mother with the hope of stopping the game. The game exposes Sally to sexual dangers especially through kissing all those boys opening the chance to further sexual behaviors.

Despite the efforts, it is impossible to save Sally because she enjoys playing the game (Ford and Jon 116). When the boys suggest that she kisses them, she smiles and joins them deep inside the garden. She helps them in playing the game. She does not offer any resistance, in fact, she goes ahead to show them how she does not mind kissing all of them. Secondly, the mother to Sally does not take any action to stop the game. When the narrator reports to the mother, she takes no step to protect her daughter. Sally and her mother make it impossible for the narrator to save her.

Work Cited

Ford, Marjorie, and Jon Ford. Dreams and Inward Journeys: A Rhetoric and Reader for Writers. Pearson, 2012.

November 03, 2022

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