The Narrator in "The Youth in Asia"

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Listening provides a deeper understanding of the story. Also, it helps us to get the relationship between the narrator and other characters better. We can hear the sound effects as well as the flow of events towards the climax.


“I was living in Chicago when they first got Melina, and every time I came home, the animal was bigger.” This quotation shows the plot since it provides a connection between former and current events.

Point of view: “I raised my hand, and my mother cried out in pain.” This is a sentence that shows the first-person narration by indicating the person telling the story.

Character: “She'd attended my father's retirement, lived through my sister's wedding, and knew who everyone was talking about when they mentioned the "M"words, Mom, Mumbles, and Morley Safer.” This quotation talks about the family members and the pets.

Setting: “In the early 1960s…we were living then in New York State…” The explanation indicates the place and time of the story.

Imagery: “My mother sent a consoling letter along with a check to cover the cost of the

Cremation.” This statement is imagery.

Theme: “…a pet being little more than a napping companion.” The theme is described as love for pets.


In the story, “The youth in Asia” the narrator shows several events, with the rest of the family, how they loved pets. The mother took the pets as her companion and even part of the family. Also, the father kept on getting others from the breeder in case one died. The narrator is also a lover of pets and every time keeps on monitoring their growth. Entirely, the family is in love with the pets. Similarly, the pets, which are parts of the characters have a close relationship with the family. Even after the death of the narrator’s mother, one of the pets takes the position of the mother. Also, it is indicated that even people knew how much the father loved pets.

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