The Novel "Fifteen Dogs" by Alexis

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In the novel, “Fifteen Dogs,” Alexis accords dogs the human power of being able to think and enlists the Greek gods to help in achieving that. We always tend to wonder what dogs would be like if at all they had the power of the human thought. This forms the basis of this novel by Alexis. Hermes and Apollo decide to have a wager, while out of the Toronto town. Apollo is certain that any kind of animals would be unhappier than people are if they are given human consciousness. Hermes conditionally accepts that if even a single animal is found to be happy at the end of their life, then he will win the bet. The Greek gods then find fifteen dogs at a local veterinary clinic, awaiting treatment and alter their minds and observes what happens.

The dogs then learn how to open their cages, and the majority of them manage to flee. They are filled with new ideas and perceptions. They find the red color to be beautiful after seeing it for the first time. They look at the sky at night and wonder about the infinity notion, as try to understand the origin of everything. Atticus being conservative seizes the control of the pack, demanding that the dogs must ignore their newly acquired abilities and continue behaving like dogs. Those that decline to live by this order are killed or forced to escape into exile.

A black poodle, Majnoun coins a deep relationship with a female person. It is unclear whether or the association derived any source of happiness. Prince, also called Elvis is the most distinctive dog and a promising poet. Just like for the other dogs, Prince affirms that life for him is not easy. Many tragedies and ill fortune make Apollo seem to win, although nothing appears certain. In this novel, Alexis succeeds in starting drama from the collisions between humans and the dogs.

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