The novel The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk

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Sue Monk Kidd's novel "The Creation of Wings" supports the theory that the future is heavily contingent on the present, and that a person's actions and actions will fully change and affect the course of his or her life. Furthermore, the current environmental climate, social and political influences have a profound effect on a person's choices and decisions. Kidd discusses this significant concept in this historical fiction set in 1803 that delves into the thorny question of race relations. Those relations play out in the alternating first-person narratives of Sarah Grimke, the white daughter of a plantation owner, and the African-American Handful-a.k.a. Hetty- who, at the age of 10, is given to Sarah as a birthday present for her 11th birthday.

_x0093_The Invention of Wings_x0094_ being the latest novel of Kidd presents the duo Sarah Grimke and Handful (Hetty) as having different backgrounds but very close friends since Sarah was the age of 11 years. The notion that the future is highly dependent on the present and the choices as well as decisions that a person makes can completely transform and influence the direction of one_x0092_s life is demonstrated by the character of Sarah Gimke. As a girl from the rich family, Sarah developed a close relationship with Handful, a thing that was not common in the society at that time. Their relationship is filled with love, guilty and struggles of life at the same time. Sarah chose a different path from that expected by the society. Sarah Gimke chose to befriend a slave after she was refused to return her birthday. Sarah was born abolitionist and grew defending the rights of slaves who she saw as oppressed in the society. Her relationship with Handful demonstrates a sister_x0092_s love rather than a master and a slave. For example, after her birthday, Sarah is seen having confidence in Handful. She also teaches her how to write and read. Being harshly penalized did not stop the two girls from remaining in a good relationship. They grew in this togetherness until they were big girls. This is a choice and decision that Sarah made on how her future will be; that she would not despise the slaves but love them. From her love and good relationship with Handful, Sarah Gimke plays here as a historical figure who later in her life becomes an activist of women rights and publicly advocating against slavery.

Sarah is also making the decision and choice of studying Latin and intending to purse her dream of being the first female jurist. This is a fact that demonstrates that our future is defined by the choices we make today jut as Sarah planned her life. However, Sarah_x0092_s dream was despised by her father while her mother advised her on the expectations of a woman from the society. Here, the existing external environment, social and political factors impact hugely on the choice and decision that Sarah made of pursuing her dream career. Politically, as the leader, her father would not accept of Sarah_x0092_s decision. Socially, the society will not accept that too and her mother could not approve of it either. She calls Sarah_x0092_s idea as _x0093_none-sense_x0094_ because Sarah should start hunting for a husband when she grows as a woman. Truly, the environment, social and political factors have a huge impact on the choices and decisions that a person takes.

Kidd, presents Handful and Sarah seeking freedom from their status and restrictions. Their choice of becoming close will help them achieve that desire. Handful is restricted as a slave and Sarah is restricted as a girl from the rich family who should not associate with the lowly. They both make the decision to defy these odds and seek freedom by becoming close friends. What they achieved at the end of the novel is the freedom they were seeking since they met as little girls. At the end, Kidd presents Sarah and Handful as taking a flight revealing their achieved desire of freedom. This is a true demonstration that the future is depended on present and the choices that one makes can transform and influence the direction of her life.

In conclusion, the characters, Sarah Gimke and Handful demonstrate things addressed in the thesis. They make decisions and choices that define their future. The two girls also surpass the society expectations by defying their restricted life and seeking freedom. At the end they achieve it showing that the future of a person is depended on the choices and decisions made at the present. Sarah presents the notion that one_x0092_s decisions and choices are determined by the external environment, social and political factors that a person exists in. This is evident when Sarah_x0092_s future dreams are despised by her parents and the society will not support them.

October 13, 2022

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