The Operations Management Processes of Rock Caf é

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Rock Café is a hospitality and food service business whose focus is operating dining restaurants casually. Its brand was developed through themed restaurant experience. As the clients approach the café, they are greeted with a rock and roll which is ambiance. The success of the business operation is related to its effectiveness while addressing needs of the business. In addition, the concept of personnel and productivity principles among other organizations of the business are articulately relevant. Its organized operation has enabled it to compete favourably in its industry. The business has various areas of decisions in relation to its operations management, which have remained vital considerations for managers, as they seek to improve the operations of the business. the main goal of the business is to ensure development of operations which satisfy the objectives of the business, as it minimizes the challenges that generates efficiencies in the process of operation. This report outlines the key operations management processes that are applied in the operation, its five performance objectives, key suppliers and other initial areas that require more investigation.

Operations Management Processes

The chosen operation is food manufacturing and delivery services. The first key operations management process that is used in the operations of this business include product and service design (Jacobs, Chase and Lummus 2014, p. 533). Rock café applies product and service design decisions for the maintenance of its brand and ambiance image. For instance, such image and ambiance is a representation of the business’s culture, and the emphasis is on the meaning of the music genre to the target customers of the business. The second, operation management process involves quality management. Rock café applies management of the quality through the maintenance of a given role of quality assessment, for the operations manager. The manager’s task is to apply the quality standards of the business for the identification of weaknesses and issues within the operations. Capacity and process design forms the third key operation management process. Rock café capacity and process design is the internal processes of the business and the capacity that is targeted for the facilities. The internal processes of the business include preparation of food, routine of ordering and reservations among others. The capacity that is targeted for the facilities depends on the local market. The last operations management process is the management of the supply chain. The café’s supply chain management depends on the demand of the market, suppliers’ variety and the cost of the inventory management.

Performance Objective

The five performance objectives are integrated to exhibit a pivotal role in the business. They include speed, dependability, cost, flexibility and quality (Mahadevan 2015). For the enhancement of speed, Rock café ensures the shortest time possible between the times an order is made and when it is delivered to the customer. Besides, it also takes shortest time possible in its response to the customers complain. Secondly, based on the fact that the business deals with highly perishable commodities (food), it ensures that its services are dependable by delivering what is needed in timely manner accordance with the price. Dependability would mean that the customers are satisfied with the services and hence it will enhance their loyalty. The objective that relates to cost is concerned with how much variation is associated to the product cost as measured by the various factors volume of to be produced this objective help the business to control the cost of its inputs so as to maximize the profits from the operations (Slack, Brandon-Jones and Johnston 2013). The flexible operations on the other hand refer to the operations that ensure the configuration of the product lines, dealing with different requirements. For instance, in case the business notices that a given commodity is not appropriate for a given occasion, it is able to change fast ad quickly adapts the new circumstance, like in the case of giving the consumer individual treatment. Lastly, quality as operations management objective, focuses on the conformance of the product to given specifications (Stevenson 2014). The Rock café’s business line is provision of food, quality is an important factor that can attract or drive away customers as people are more sensitive when it comes to what they take as foodstuff.

Key Suppliers

The products Rock café requires for the maintenance of its operations come from various suppliers like Sysco who produce goods for the service of food. In addition, the business has developed partnership with various hospitality colleges to obtain competent employees. There are also various laundry organizations that supply the uniforms that staff use while on duty, besides the clothing used in the businesses like table cloths and towels. The figure below indicates a display of how the café is organised. 

The key areas that still require investigation are how the business can instil an experience in the mind of the clients as they receive the services and products and the café. This relates to associating the services with events and various social functions. This will enhance its revenues besides strengthening its brand (Rollings & Wells, 2018).  


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