The Pizza Study Design

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This message is in reference to the understanding that research is a crucial component of the business's quest to increase pizza sales by outperforming its rivals. The study should, however, concentrate on the SWOT analysis components of the organization and its main rival.

The quickness of the service is one of the company's advantages. The majority of customers dislike having to wait too long in lines or for deliveries of their items (Doyle 85). As such, the customers tend to rely on companies that serve them within the least time possible (Baines, Chris & Sara 106). It is this realization that the firm ought to research on strategies to minimize the amount of time taken to deliver the orders. Besides the strengths’ aspect, the research also ought to focus on mechanisms to combat the competition aspect from its rivals. For instance, the research should address the promotional shortcomings, pricing strategies and customer dynamics concerning the decisions made by the challengers and make recommendations on how to counter the stiff competition.

The research should address the following questions:

What are weights and measures strategies used by competitors to achieve customer attention?

Does the size of pizza increment used by rivals as a promotional strategy have a significant negative effect on their profits?

After the data is collected, the researcher shall employ both inferential and descriptive statistical methods (Fisher & Bennett 39). For instance, the researcher shall study the production combination of different types of products and determine whether they attract profits or losses for the company. Using descriptive statistics, the researcher will also determine the various brands that do well in the market and make recommendations on their production and marketing to achieve the optimal sales.

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April 13, 2023


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