The Presidency's Various Positions Add to the Madisonian Model's ideal.

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To answer this issue, I will first explore what the Madisonian principles of government mean, followed by a discussion of the various positions of the president and whether they add or subtract from the Madisonian Model. The Madisonian model is a theory that describes anticipated presidential action and was developed by James Madison, an American president and delegate to the formulation of the Constitution. Madisonian principles sought to moderate government by removing tyrannical control by prohibiting individuals or groups of individuals from amassing power. According to the Madisonian ideals, the only way that the accumulation of power can be avoided is by breaking it up across locations, multiple people, and institutions.
If the individuals or groups of individuals are allowed to assemble high power to themselves in large amounts, they will take over the government as well as collapse the Constitution; this is what Madison aimed at restricting when he was developing the philosophy. Presidential conduct should stick strictly to the designated powers of the executive branch enshrined in the American Constitution (Bardes, Shelley, & Schmidt). The Model equally divides power into three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial with the separation ensuring that imposition of tyranny is impossible any of the branches to the other ("Madisonian Model"). With this kind of governance scheme by Madison, none of the groups would become dominant over the other.

To ensure that there is a balance among the three branches, Madison came up with a system of checks, which gives each branch power to regulate and balance the other. An example of this, is where a president is capable of voting a congressional veto legislation, but the Senate has powers to override the veto, on the other hand, the Supreme court has the power to review the case and decide whether the two branches are constitutional or unconstitutional,

Having discussed that, it is now possible to bring out my arguments clearly on whether the presidency roles add or remove from the above-discussed Model. The power of the executive branch of authority is fully vested in the presidency of America ("The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden"). The first role of the president outlined in the U.S constitution is that he is the chief of state. The role adds to the model in that; it requires the president to inspire the American people and in this way, he cannot misuse power and serve. Also, this role obliges the president to stand for the uppermost values and ideals of the country ensuring there is no possibility of tyranny threat.

The President is also the chief executive. The role adds to the model too; this is because it stipulated in the Madisonian Model, with the executive being one of the branches of power. The presidency decides the enforcement of the United States laws that are formulated by the Congress and also chooses the team and advisors that will work with him ("Presidency"). In this role, for example, the presidency has the mandate to sign the legislation into law or even veto bills that are enacted by the Congress. However, the Congress has the power in their capacity to override a veto if voted for by two-thirds of both houses, and this is in line with the ideals of the model.

The third role of the presidency is that he is the Commander-In-Chief of the United States Forces; these include the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and the Air Force. The presidency gives directions on where and whether troops should be deployed and how which and when certain weapons should be used. According to me this role also adds to the Madisonian Model of governance. My reason is that the presidency can control the armed forces from using the powers bestowed upon them to offer threats to others or even use weapons in a way they are not supposed to do. For example, considering that the army has full authority to decide when and where to use their power, they may end up taking an action that would be unconstitutional thus the need for monitoring from the presidency.

The presidency is the chief diplomat; this is with the help of the advisors he decides what the diplomats and ambassadors of America say to different foreign governments. If the diplomats are not controlled, and they end up misusing their powers, they may deliver the wrong information, and this would be unconstitutional, it is for that reason that the presidency has to review what they shall say before they say it. The other role of the presidency is acting as a guardian of the economy. When the economy of the America tends to go to a recession, the president is worried, he is concerned about unemployment, taxes, prices, markets, and the general performance and prosperity of the county (Bardes et al.). The fact that the president is worried about the economy means that there are lower chances of cartels sabotaging the economy or creating an economic crisis by misusing the power they have in their country, institutions, organizations or market positions.

From the above discussion, it is clear that the role of the United States presidency adds to the Ideas of the Madisonian governance Model. It ensures that the country runs well without having some individuals or groups being either inferior or superior to the other. Also, it facilitates the moderation of governance by the elimination of tyrannical rule by preventing amassing of power by individuals or groups of individuals. Therefore, the disparate roles of the presidency add to the ideal of the Madisonian model.

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August 18, 2021


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