The Progressive Movement

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D1. The various factors that contributed to the development of a mature industrial society in the US from 1865 to 1900 include:

1. Innovations and technological advancement.

2. Availability of railways which opened the remote areas to facilitate economic activities

3. Presence of sufficient raw materials for the industries.

4. Rural-Urban migration in search of employment and better life in the cities.

5. Presence of innovative leaders and entrepreneurs

6. Innovation and development of communication channels for conveying messages.

Positive effects

1. The industries provided employment to most people in the American society thus empowering them economically by raising their purchasing power.

2. Industrial expansion attracted people from other parts of the world. The immigrants brought labor, new skills, and technological know-how to develop the country.

3. Economic advancement facilitated change in lifestyle where people used electricity and water-powered trains.

4. Formation of advancement funded the development of social amenities and other transport and communication infrastructures.

Negative Impacts

1. The industrial wastes and sewage materials were dumped in rivers as well as on land causing a major environmental pollution.

2. Presence of established industries brought the aspect of worker exploitation. Employers started giving workers an under wage payment and forcing them working extra hours without compensation. The workers who tried to fight for the rights of workers through labor unions could lose their employment immediately they were discovered.

3. The movement of people to the cities caused a shortage of farm workers thus agricultural activities in the rural areas reduced. Many people considered working in the industries more prestigious than planting crops in the rural areas hence they neglected agricultural activities.

4. The exploitation of resources such as natural gas, fossil fuels, and the available minerals was done at an accelerated rate during after development of natural industrial society in the United States (US).

D2. “Voices of Freedom”

The unique character traits and perspectives:

Booker T.

The African-American pushed for reforms to economically empower people from his ethnic group. He believed that through economic empowerment, his people would not only come out of poverty but also be considered with dignity.

Du Bois

The Afro-American leader believed that economic independence was independent of political and social empowerment of the people. He wanted people to be empowered through education. His efforts were fruitful since American people started enjoying their social, political, and economic rights.

Saum Song Bo

The Chinese-American was the voice of the people against oppression through discrimination by some sections of the constitution, particularly the Chinese Exclusion Act which was implemented in 1882. Song Bo was against some developments which did not resemble the discrimination of the Chinese-Americans. For instance, he was against the construction of the statue of liberty since it overshadowed the discrimination against the people of color from Asia. According to him, the statue was supposed to show that the American society was free of discrimination although that was not the case at the time. His efforts to be the voice of the Chinese-American minority group were successful when the government lifted the ban on them.

Chief Joseph

The Chief represented the freedom that the people wanted after being evicted from their land in Wallowa Valley which was forcefully taken. He was the voice of the people as he fought for the rights to ownership of the land they inherited from the ancestors. Chief Joseph was from the Nez Perze people, a group of Native Americans.

Week 2

D3. In the Progressive Era, women were incorporated into industries as well as participating in other economic activities. The economic empowerment of women helped them fight for gender equality. There was the establishment of feminists groups and foundations that fought for women’s right as well as fighting for the rights of women and children.

D4. According to Wilson, authoritarian rulers posed the greatest threat to a free society. He claimed that the dictatorial rulers accomplish their selfish ambitions at the expense of their subjects. Therefore, authoritarian leaders use resources for their personal plans and may cause political unrests as they pursue their selfish plans.

D5. The progressive movement was led by various groups such as labor activities, feminist groups, and innovative entrepreneurs. The major philosophical concept behind the progressive movement was instilling transformational change in the American society.

October 30, 2023
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