The Promotion of Powerbag Wheeled Brieftcase

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Powerbag Wheeled Briefcase offers the latest innovative travel bags for modern travelers. With an in-built storage battery of up to 6,000 mAh, a traveler doesn’t need to worry about recharging smartphones and tablets from common brands such as Android, Apple and Blackberry (Arnold, 2015). Besides, the briefcase comes with packing units that help to retain shapes the packed items.  As a brand ambassador, I would promote this product to my colleagues by providing information to individuals during interactive conversations as well as at the end of meetings (Weisberg, 2016).

My manager as well as colleagues don’t find it inappropriate to promote an external product among employees. Therefore, it is acceptable within the organization considering that it is a relevant product as long as I don’t intend to disrupt any employee during working hours. The feature of phone-charging capability offers this bag a competitive edge against competing products (Olenski, 2014).  The compatibility with different phone brands is comparable to no other brand as similar bags are compatible with a single phone brand for a single unit.

Although competing travel bag brands lack the compatibility which the Powerbag Wheeled Briefcase offers, they have other features that would pose a threat to this product. For example, the Micro Samsonite is made up of a hard-shell case with a kick-board scooter (Lovitt, 2018). Such a stylish design may capture the market segment dominated by youthful consumers.  

The promotion would cost the bag manufacturer a daily retainer of $30 plus a commission of 10% on each referral sale using links (Campbell, 2018). My organization has the tradition of giving personal leaves and group vacations to the employees as an incentive. Therefore, fellow employees can purchase a suitable bag for the numerous vacations.


Travelling is one of the exciting aspects for human experiences. With the growth in technology and the need to keep connected, everyone needs Powerbag Wheeled Briefcase for exciting travel adventures.


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