The Relationship Between Empowerment and Motivation

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Both inspiration and empowerment are most significant factors in the extended success of a person or any organization since empowerment affects motivation positively while motivation facilitates better performances. However, the two complex notions have both differences and similarities. Firstly, both motivation and empowerment help in facilitating the satisfaction of individual’s higher level needs such as achievement, recognition, mastery, and advancement through enriching the job in a manner that assists to develop competence and confidence (Dinkmeyer, 2017).  Similarly, the two concepts influence and control how workers make choices that impact them in the performance of various tasks.  Furthermore, both empowerment and motivation improve people creativity, satisfaction, productivity, and commitment. Also, both empowerment and motivation assist people to exercise maximum authority or control of their workplace environment socially, physically, psychologically and culturally via the resources that are allocated to them (Gagné, 2014).


Initially, empowerment means to get power or give which is more like strength or authority offered to do a task as well as the power one gets from someone, something or some ideas that facilitate the completion of a chore.  Contrarily, motivation is similar to inspiration which originates from the external or internal sources.  Further, motivation establishes the enthusiasm, purpose or desire to finish the task (Gagné, 2014). Although the outcomes of empowerment are restricted or limited, motivation provides results with limitless boundaries.   Motivation revolves around the creation of incentives, stimuli and working in surroundings which help individuals to complete the task to their level bests in pursuit of organizational success.  Also, empowerment entails amplifying the expectancy of success while motivation is the removal of obstacles to success. Additionally, motivation increases the self-expectation by establishing illusions while empowerment augments self-confidence.  Empowerment arises after observation and self-analysis and is based on reality but does not create many expectations which are found in motivation. Even if the two concepts have differences, they have similarities based on their intentions and process of implementation (Dinkmeyer, 2017).

Secondly, the differences between the two approaches can be based on their definition.  Motivation is referred as the development of the craving within the person to carry out a task or duty to his or her best ability founded on that person’s initiative (Dinkmeyer, 2017).  Moreover, motivation is regarded as the belief and thought that assist to establish the embrace and lethargy upon the chance to do something better.  On the other hand, empowerment is a term of heartening and permitting people or workers to take their responsibilities for any improvement regarding the assigned duty which facilitates the achievement of the overall goal of the corporation (Gagné, 2014). Further, empowerment is considered as the understanding of oneself, realizing potential and strength, accepting the fact, desire to take the risk, readiness and improvising skills.


Conclusively, empowerment and motivation have impacts on the delivery of quality services as well as self-actualization. An individual who is empowered has a higher chance of being motivated by the means used to manipulate the aspiration to become successful. Both empowerment and motivation establish a satisfactory working condition, increases the desire for advancement as well as the need to become successful.  Even if the two concepts have both the differences and similarities, they interlink to improve confidence, desire, and inspiration for carrying out certain task effectively. 


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Gagné, M. (2014). The Oxford handbook of work engagement, motivation, and self-determination theory. New York: Oxford Univ. Pr.

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