Women Suffrage in the United States

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The establishment of the women’s right to vote was done gradually across the different states, and accomplished nationally in 1920. The push for women rights in voting in US began in the 1940. There was the formation of women rights movements to foster for women suffrage. The issue of women suffrage was of great importance as the denial of the woman the rights to take part in elections undermined their dignity (Wilson, 2008). The movements towards women suffrage faced lots of oppositions in the USA. 1969 saw the establishment of the first suffrage organizations. \

The Arguments for and against Women Suffrage

The Anti-suffrage Arguments

There were several arguments which were against the establishment of women suffrage in the USA. The most ridiculous of the arguments was that human had lesser intelligence and could not make wise decisions in the elections (Opdycke, 2000). They argued that living the ballot in the hands of women would be a threat to developments in politics. The women were not considered to make wise or intelligent in politics. It would be unwise to engage them in ballot.

The other argument for denying the women the right to vote was that the women should not vote because of their general placement in the society. The primary role of the women was to be a helper, a mother, and a housewife while the man is to be the breadwinner and the home-maker. It was considered absurd giving the women a chance to take part in the elections (Clinton, 2000). Women were not supposed to vote due to their familial commitments and sex, and it was the sole role of the husbands to take care of their rights and them.

Arguments for women suffrage

            There was an argument that the practice of voting could be a source of unity for families. Voting could be a special social occasion when the couple went voting together (O’Brien, 2009). Elections were also a topic of conversations in a family and could promote cohesion. The call for justice and equality among the men and women could not be ignored.

            Other women were of the argument that there were many men who had poor origin, with no education, and could make very poor electoral decisions (Harris Dobkins, 2012). They argued that it was terrific injustice denying them a chance to vote while the men they were better of practiced the right to vote.


            The readings widen the understanding of the different perspectives of women suffrage. They bring into light the anti-suffrage arguments while still pin pointing the reason for women. The articles hold an in-depth analysis of feasibility of the suffrage movements and the final achievements of the movements.

The issue of women suffrage is still important in the current as there is still need to emphasize on the participation of all genders in the electoral process. I have a strong belief in gender equality and, therefore, I highly consider that both men and women should take an active role in the electoral process. I believe in non-discrimination based on factors such as gender or race.

The readings can be very essential in tackling global issues such as environmental problems. The readings provide both perspectives of global issues and suggest the available measures for mitigation. The readings can be of great import in formulating solutions for global issues.

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Women's Rights

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