Feminist Movement & Feminist literature examples

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Explain the Feminist Movement. Provide examples of Feminist literature and art that contributed to this movement. The Feminist Movement has been an active influence that began traversing since the nineteenth century. However, the prominence of the Feminist Movement was first experienced in the mid-twentieth century and has today become part of the world’s social and political concerns and outcries. For instance, the Civil Rights Movement was also influenced by the need for gender equality as women became part of the struggle (Reid 17). This paper explores the Feminist Movement and the literature and art that contributed to the movement. 

            The Liberation of Women Movement or feminism is a mix of social and political campaigns that demand reforms on issues relating to domestic violence, reproductive rights, equal pay, sexual harassment, and maternity leave, among others. The priorities or demands of the movement above vary depending on communities and countries (Reid 26). For instance, in some regions that practice female genital mutilation, women from such areas might fight the cruel practice.

             Feminist artists began using their profession to create a debate that included the perspective of women. Other than entertainment, art can be used to make the audience question some of the cultural, societal, and political beliefs that people have (Donovan 16). Feminist artists wanted such questions to arise so that there the issue of gender equality can be addressed.  The artists employed different mechanisms including video, dramatic performance, drawings, the media, sculptures, and other materials to convey their feminist messages. There are also some publishing houses such as The Women’s Press, Rib Sprang Up, and Virago (Donovan 13).

            In conclusion, the Feminist Movement is still active today. However, the approaches, nature, and perspectives that feminists use are dynamic. For instance, some feminists are embracing technology by using social media, television, newspapers, magazines, and movies, among other channels to criticize traditional beliefs and customs that promote male chauvinism in the society.

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November 13, 2023

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